Moving into a Client Services Role

Hi, I’m Victoria, and I rarely stop talking. My school reports regularly featured the sentence ‘bright, but needs to stop the chatter’ and I’m forever thankful for the unlimited minutes [...]

What Every Marketer Needs to Know about Typography [WITH INFOGRAPHIC]

What is typography? Typography is the method of arranging text to make it legible, readable and appealing to look at. Ever got stuck trying to figure out what font to [...]

What I Learned During Work Experience at Latitude

I’m 17 and an A-level business student. You’d probably assume that I might have some idea about digital marketing. Marketing is a detailed topic I’ve covered at college, and I’m [...]

4 Features We’d Love to See in Adobe Spark

We’ve been trying out Adobe’s new product, Adobe Spark, around the office and it really has ignited the way we tell visual stories. What is Adobe Spark? Adobe Spark is [...]

14 Funny & Weird Collective Nouns from the English Language

When you work with Google all day, you tend to stumble upon some funny queries that people search for. It happened to me yesterday, when Google Suggest churned out: “my [...]

I Re-Wrote This Blog Post 17 Times

Did you know that 90% of the Game of Thrones pilot had to be re-filmed? The original version was so bad, they nearly scrapped the show altogether. With a $6 [...]

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