Thinking About Taking Your Marketing Campaign Global?

    January 2014 saw the launch of a great study by OC&C Partners, which looks at the international e-commerce market and strategies for launching marketing campaigns on global [...]

      2014 Promises Good Things for the MENA Region

      Having completed six months at the Middle East office of Latitude, I’ve found that our remit here goes much beyond providing digital marketing services to a growing market. Whilst we’re [...]

        Introducing Social Media Into the Practice of Public Affairs

        As part of my Masters degree I researched introducing social media into the practice of public affairs as part of her Public Relations post-graduate degree from Manchester Metropolitan [...]

          Google Penguin and Online PR

          It’s been a couple of months now since the Google Penguin update, which has had a significant effect on the way PRs do things. Google really hammered the message home that this is something [...]

            Google Cpcs Getting Lower?

            When Google published their earnings release for 2011 last month, one of the highlights was the reduction in cost-per-clicks across its network. Latitude Digital Marketing data experienced similar [...]

              Premium vs Market Place Ads on Facebook

              The Facebook HomePage Facebook calls it the “most valuable page” on their network being where the majority of its users spend most of their time reading through their friends’ [...]

                Google Blocks Organic Keyword Referrer Data in New Privacy Move

                Google last week announced the introduction of encrypted searches for SSL Search. This means that no-one other than Google and the web browser will be able to see the search results Google is [...]

                  Click-to-download Ads and Display Application Icons

                  Google is adding application icons to iPhone and Android targeted PPC adverts that have the ‘Click to Download’ option enabled. To enable the application icon make sure the [...]

                    Social Media Demographics

                    We all agree that Social Media is now huge. The stats released recently have all been mindboggling. Facebook has announced 500million users! Twitter is reporting 50million tweets every day! YouTube [...]