The Stats Behind the Keyword “Malibu Holidays”

    The search term usually averages at 140 per month, with “medium” competition in organic search. place a good “Opportunity Score” on the keyword (implying that users [...]

      15 Overlooked Reputation Management Tips for Job Seekers

      Imagine. You have been hired to do your dream job. You are warmly welcomed by your new colleagues. They show you your workspace where you find the new starter’s kit – a mug, a notepad, a [...]

        What I Learned about Marketing on a Slow Boat down the Mekong

        Picture this … Three sweaty mates on the trip of a lifetime, wade through nine inches of filthy water to board a boat that’s about to take us down the longest river in Southeast Asia [...]

          Could This be the Best Award Ceremony of 2017?

          Last night, we ventured to the Big Smoke for an, unusual, awards ceremony. For starters, nobody was wearing a suit. No ties, either. No tiny portions of posh food. No champagne on arrival. And the [...]

            Latitude Nominated for Six MENA Search Awards

            2017 just keeps getting better. Following on from last week’s announcement that Latitude has been nominated for seven European Search Awards, we’ve now achieved similar success over in [...]

              Latitude Nominated for Seven European Search Awards

              After enjoying incredible awards success in 2016, Latitude has kicked-off the new awards season with a host of new nominations, at one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the industry – [...]

                Four Quick Ways to Develop Empathy for Your Reader

                Empathy is important. Any good copywriter will tell you that. Understanding your customer’s wants and needs is essential if you want to sell them something. But simply advising you to [...]

                  Improve Conversions with this Simple Method from the Movies

                  Caleb receives a notification on his work computer. He has won something. Elated, he texts his friends and family about the news. And is flooded with replies like “OMG! Take me, take [...]

                    Are You Wasting Money by Advertising to Me, Too?

                    I’m always banging on about my own experiences as if they’re a relevant barometer for other things. It tends to mean things are limited to football, marathon running and new parenthood. [...]