I Re-Wrote This Blog Post 17 Times

    Did you know that 90% of the Game of Thrones pilot had to be re-filmed? The original version was so bad, they nearly scrapped the show altogether. With a $6 million budget, and expectations of [...]

      I’m a Copywriter. My Friends Think I’m a Transponster

      My friends have absolutely no idea what I do for a living. If we played that quiz game from Friends – then I’d be Chandler. Nobody knows what Chandler’s job is. These six characters [...]

        Marketing to Millennials on Facebook

        As marketers, you keep on reading about what Millennials (Gen. Y) want and need. Who they are, what they look like and where they spend their time online. And there are loads of reports, articles, [...]

          How is Pokemon:Go Impacting Search?

          Not only are more people searching for Pokemon than porn; Pokemon has impacted search behaviour in other areas – outside of the game itself. Some of the results are intriguing, some funny, and [...]

            How to Find Your Most Important Customer: Part 1 – You’re Not Important

            Hello – You’re reading this post alone, aren’t you? There are no friends huddling around your shoulders, sharing the experience like that webcam scene from American [...]

              Why generational marketing works

              You’re an unsigned Blues Rock artist trying to sell some CDs by busking. You set up on Market Street, one of the busiest streets in Manchester, trying to get the attention of passers-by. Makes [...]

                Colour Theory for Beginners (No Nonsense)

                Look at the colour below. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel anything? Does it remind you of anything? For me, it feels very calming. It also makes me think of springtime and fields of [...]

                  What Every Writer Could Learn at the DMA’s Future Writers’ Labs

                  As copywriters, should we simply be laying out the value of a particular product in the most concise, informative way possible? Or, is it better to immerse our readers in a story that revolves around [...]

                    Intro to Visual Hierarchy [VIDEO]

                    Imagine you step into a kitchen to make a cup of tea.* On the shelf ahead, there are a number of tins. All the tins are the same size, colour and shape – and any drawers or cupboards are also [...]