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2017-10-18 How Transparency Guided the Latitude Display Team to a Record Month Comments None
2017-09-11 5 Things I've Learned from the Content Marketing Transition Comments None
2017-08-31 What Can Marketers Expect from the New Great British Bake Off Comments None
2017-08-18 Part 2: Can You Manage a Fantasy Football Team Like a PPC Account? Comments None
2017-08-17 Confessions from the Voice Behind Latitude's Social Media Comments None
2017-08-11 Can You Manage a Fantasy Football Team Like a PPC Account? Comments None
2017-08-10 Is Despacito Really Impacting Tourism for Puerto Rico? Comments None
2017-07-26 Game of Thrones – The Most-Watched Deaths, Popular Costumes and Other Search Trends Comments None
2017-07-19 Latitude’s Big MENA Move a Success – and Showing No Signs of Slowing Down Comments None
2017-07-06 Is Miley Cyrus Skewing Holiday Bookings for Malibu? Comments None
2017-06-30 15 Overlooked Reputation Management Tips for Job Seekers Comments None
2017-06-22 What I Learned about Marketing on a Slow Boat down the Mekong Comments None
2017-06-08 Could This be the Best Award Ceremony of 2017? Comments None
2017-03-30 Latitude Nominated for Six MENA Search Awards Comments None
2017-03-23 Latitude Nominated for Seven European Search Awards Comments None
2017-03-16 Four Quick Ways to Develop Empathy for Your Reader Comments None
2017-03-09 Improve Conversions with this Simple Method from the Movies Comments None
2017-03-03 Are You Wasting Money by Advertising to Me, Too? Comments None
2017-02-23 The Second Best Way to Become a Better Writer Is… Comments None
2017-01-31 Transfer Deadline Day – The Original “Fake News” Comments None
2017-01-17 Latitude Celebrates Most Decorated Year in its History Comments None
2016-10-05 How to Market to Millennials on Twitter Comments None
2016-09-29 Moving into a Client Services Role Comments None
2016-09-16 What Every Marketer Needs to Know about Typography [WITH INFOGRAPHIC] Comments None
2016-09-08 What I Learned During Work Experience at Latitude Comments None
2016-09-02 4 Features We’d Love to See in Adobe Spark Comments None
2016-08-25 14 Funny & Weird Collective Nouns from the English Language Comments None
2016-08-22 I Re-Wrote This Blog Post 17 Times Comments None
2016-08-12 I’m a Copywriter. My Friends Think I’m a Transponster Comments None
2016-07-29 Marketing to Millennials on Facebook Comments None
2016-07-20 How is Pokemon:Go Impacting Search? Comments None
2016-06-30 How to Find Your Most Important Customer: Part 1 – You’re Not Important Comments None
2016-06-27 Why generational marketing works Comments None
2016-06-21 Colour Theory for Beginners (No Nonsense) Comments None
2016-06-15 What Every Writer Could Learn at the DMA’s Future Writers’ Labs Comments None
2016-05-25 Intro to Visual Hierarchy [VIDEO] Comments None
2016-03-10 Blank Space Comments None
2016-03-03 A Simple Content Strategy for Brave Marketers Only Comments None
2016-03-02 How Related is Your Keyword to Conversion in PPC? Comments None
2016-02-24 New Google SERP layout: It’s Not Right Comments None
2016-02-22 A History of Digital Marketing Comments None
2016-02-22 Have you been fooled by the no.1 graphic design fallacy? Comments None
2016-02-14 What Google Trends can tell us about the Organic Search Industry Comments None
2016-02-10 5 Top Client Service Tips Comments None
2016-02-05 What you might have missed in Paid Media Comments None
2016-02-03 12 Non-Wild PPC Predictions for 2016 Comments None
2016-02-02 PPC Advertisers – What did you miss in 2015? Comments None
2016-01-29 Paid Media – In the news this week Comments None
2015-11-03 Personalisation in Retail: How to Get it Right Comments None
2015-10-23 Halloween by Numbers Comments None
2015-09-28 Six tips on Content Marketing from Dave Trott Comments None
2015-09-24 What Does the Apple iPhone 6S Release Mean for PPC Advertisers? Comments None
2015-09-09 8 Online Resources for (Digital) Marketers Comments None
2015-08-18 Keyword Quality Score Update in GCC Comments None
2015-08-13 7 Digital (and Other) Surprising Facts About Left Handers Comments None
2015-07-15 The Importance of Image Based Content Comments None
2015-06-02 Key Takeaways from Arabnet 2015 Comments None
2015-04-21 In the Hot Seat: Young Search Professional Nominee, Chris Taylor Comments None
2015-04-09 Preparing for Grand National: Key Learnings from Cheltenham Comments None
2015-03-27 How Personal Is Too Personal? Display Advertising in the Gaming Sector Comments None
2015-03-27 Social Advertising A Perfect Fit For Finance Marketers And Beyond? Comments None
2015-03-12 Latitude Nominated for Three European Search Awards Comments None
2015-03-11 3 Key Benefits of Having a Tumblr Blog Comments None
2015-03-05 Backing the Right Domain for International SEO Success Comments None
2015-02-17 3 Ways to Reach Mobile Users in the MENA Region Comments None
2015-02-12 The Digital Marketer's Guide to Valentine's Day Comments None
2014-12-11 How to Deal with a Website Outage in a User-Friendly Way Comments None
2014-12-10 What's in Store for Digital Marketing in 2015 Comments None
2014-10-31 The Dos and Don'ts of Travel Site User Experience Comments None
2014-10-13 How Eid Impacted Digital in the GCC Comments None
2014-10-03 What Does PPC Marketing and The Sopranos Have In Common? Comments None
2014-09-30 3 Ways to Improve Your PPC Marketing in the Middle East Comments None
2014-09-26 5 Biggest Mistakes When Working with Travel Bloggers Comments None
2014-09-04 How to Drive New Customers and Additional Revenue to Your Site with Facebook Custom Audiences Comments None
2014-08-22 New Google Tools Help Advertisers Promote Apps Comments None
2014-08-19 How to Target Students With Package Holidays Online Comments None
2014-08-05 How to Maximise Sales on Cyber Monday – Key Takeaways from Latitude’s Retail Event Comments None
2014-07-14 Key Takeaways From Twitter’s AppsUntapped Launch Event Comments None
2014-07-09 The World Cup – A Punter's Paradise Part II Comments None
2014-07-09 The World Cup | A Punter's Paradise Part I Comments None
2014-05-27 CRO is All Over the SEM Benchmark Report – Here’s Why it Makes Sense… Part II Comments None
2014-05-23 CRO is All Over the SEM Benchmark Report – Here’s Why it Makes Sense… Part I Comments None
2014-04-22 The Consumer Barometer: What Is It? Comments None
2014-04-15 Why Companies Should Wake Up to Online Consumer Privacy Concerns Comments None
2014-04-09 Dubai Hots Up! Comments None
2014-04-08 5 Tips for Retailers Considering International Expansion Comments None
2014-04-01 Top 3 Social Tips for 2014 Comments None
2014-02-18 How to Get 18,000 Clicks in Four days (at £0.02 per click) Comments None
2014-02-18 International Retail Export: Expanding a Brand’s Global Footprint Comments None
2014-02-07 SAScon Mini Conference Key Takeaways from ASDA Keynote with Dominic Burch Comments None
2014-02-04 Thinking About Taking Your Marketing Campaign Global Comments None
2014-01-22 2014 Promises Good Things for the MENA Region Comments None
2012-12-10 Introducing Social Media Into the Practice of Public Affairs Comments None
2012-09-26 Google Penguin and Online PR Comments None
2012-02-07 Google Cpcs Getting Lower Comments None
2011-11-02 Premium vs Market Place Ads on Facebook Comments None
2011-10-31 Google Blocks Organic Keyword Referrer Data in New Privacy Move Comments None
2011-09-16 Click-to-download Ads and Display Application Icons Comments None
2010-08-06 Social Media Demographics Comments None


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