Earlier this year RTB opened up its arms to mobile Display Advertising, which has been great news for advertisers and agencies alike. It’s now been predicted that 45% of mobile display buys will be through RTB by the end of 2014. But why are we so excited about it?

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:

  • Increased reach. According to Business Insider, one in every five people in the world now own a smartphone and one in 17 people own a tablet.  Advertisers would as a result be daft not to start making the most of those extra screens and increasing campaign reach.
  • Fluidity of budgets between desktop and mobile. Mobile no longer needs to appear separate to desktop on the media plan. With RTB and DSPs, everything is in one place so there’s no need for multiple IOs and contracts. Budgets can easily be transferred between campaigns depending on performance goals.
  • The transparency of RTB has already empowered advertisers for desktop campaigns and it’s doing exactly the same for mobile. We now have insightful reports at our fingertips to show us how we are performing depending on location, device, operating system, carrier, ad exchange and inventory type (in-app or Mobile-web). All these targeting options allow for highly targeted and successful campaign.

Look out for next month’s blog all about tips and tricks for running successful mobile RTB campaigns!