If you still spend time in front of your computer screen, laptop, tablet or mobile device after work, here are five useful tools that might make your after-work hours more productive and entertaining through the year of 2014.


July 2013 was a stressful month for bloggers and online news junkies, as Google shut down the Google Reader – a popular tool to organise news from multiple sources in a single webpage. Such decision was made, because, as Google explains, “over the years usage has declined” and Google is “pouring all of

[it’s] energy into fewer products”. So after eight years of using this RSS reader people had to change their reading routine and find the best alternative.

And the most popular alternative for Google Reader has become Feedly. It has received lots of positive reviews because it’s free, has a minimalist design, personalized interface and mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices. And though users still miss some features, Feedly is putting lots of effort to make their users happy and will definitely improve their reader in 2014.

Google Think Insights

This is a place where you can gain valuable consumer insights, spot emerging digital trends, find interesting market statistics, case studies, research and even more. Though it’s mostly suitable for marketers and advertisers, it also has some entertaining features for everybody. For example, in The Creative Sandbox section you can check out ad campaigns with their full stories and results such as how many people viewed or interacted with an ad. What is more, you can submit your own campaigns for feedback.

Another interesting section in Google’s Think Insights where you can spend hours of your free time is YouTube Ads Leaderboards. Here you’ll find the most popular ads on Youtube every month. And now, as 2013 passed, why not watch the most popular ads of 2013 determined by an algorithm that factors in paid and organic views and audience retention.


If you have time not only for reading, but for writing too, then Storify might be the tool you would like to try in 2014. With Storify you can easily create stories by collecting content from across 20 different social channels and websites. The stories can be public or private and embedded anywhere on the web. So who’s ready for his first story?!


TrendSpottr identifies and predicts trends from Twitter and Facebook for any search term or topic of interest “at their earliest acceleration point – hours or days before they have become “popular” and reached mainstream awareness”. It’s an ultimate tool for digital agencies and media and also very useful for anyone of us to be one step ahead of the most popular news around the globe.


And finally, after the whole day working in an open space office, silence at home might seem a bit strange and make you feel sleepy. The one thing you need to boost your creativity and productivity is some nice ambient coffee shop noise! You can choose from “Morning Murmur”, “Lunchtime Lounge” or “University Undertones” and you don’t even have to drink coffee!