Social Media Marketing

Most UK consumers now have an active Facebook account and many use LinkedIn and Twitter on a daily basis. 

More than ever before, consumers are holding businesses to account through social media and expect the ability to communicate directly with businesses as part of their buying process. For most businesses, a well-managed social media presence isn’t optional. Social channels no longer sit as a single entity in marketing; they permeate content marketing, customer services and amplify your offline marketing efforts to work harder and last longer.

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Social Media Marketing

We can help. Latitude is a full service social agency with the ability to cover any requirement within social media from end-to-end. The services we offer include:

How We Do Social

Our 14 years of digital experience, mixing both paid and earned media, is what really makes Social Media Marketing at Latitude work for our clients. As a digital agency managing campaigns across the globe, we’re experts at not only generating consistent ROI for our clients but also reacting to opportunities and challenges in real time, regardless of the time zone or language.

We understand the value and importance of social as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. Data is everywhere in 2015 and it takes an experienced analyst to slice, dice and make sense of that data.

Finally, we always build our strategies around your objectives, supporting bottom line growth within your company.