Social Media Marketing

Most UK consumers now have an active Facebook account and many use LinkedIn and Twitter on a daily basis. 

More than ever before, consumers are holding businesses to account through social media and expect the ability to communicate directly with businesses as part of their buying process. Campaigns that ignore social media as part of their communication strategy do so at their own risk.

Social Media Marketing

The Latitude Approach

Social Media is a two way channel that provides opportunities to listen to customers and take their feedback on board, while also being able to communicate new ideas back.

Latitude works with companies to simplify the structure of this dialogue and open new channels through both paid and earned solutions.

It is our mixture of technology, ingenuity and creativity, as well as understanding the brand we are working for that really makes Social Media Marketing at Latitude work for our clients.


Our Social Media Services Include

  • Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Consultancy