How is Pokemon:Go Impacting Search?

Not only are more people searching for Pokemon than porn; Pokemon has impacted search behaviour in other areas – outside of the game itself. Some of the results are intriguing, [...]

Blank Space

The removal of Google’s sidebar ads has created enough column inches to fill the reams of new empty space. Rick Lamb has some thoughts about how else it could be used.

5 Leading Audience Trends in the Travel Industry [Infographic]

See how different traveller personas behave online, where to reach them, and how - in this simple (but glorious) infographic.

A Simple Content Strategy for Brave Marketers Only

If you're responsible for the marketing of your business and you're looking to build an audience online - we're going to get you there with #SimpleContentMarketing. Welcome to the first chapter...

New Google SERP layout: It’s Not Right

On February 22nd 2016 Google rolled out a change to the search engine results pages that removed all right hand side ads. Latitude Head of Paid Search Strategy Ben Wightman discusses what this could mean for search advertisers...

A History of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has seen a dramatic rise over the last 20 years, powering the growth of some of the biggest global companies.  Each year saw numerous changes, acquisitions and innovations. This blog attempts to document the key events. 

What Google Trends can tell us about the Organic Search Industry

We used Google Trends data to understand what the overall level of interest in the industry is, compared with other relevant topics.

Six tips on Content Marketing from Dave Trott

Six key tips on Content Marketing from Google #Firestarters

Keyword Quality Score Update in GCC

Chris Hurst, Account Manager at Latitude MENA, discusses the impact of Google's Keyword Quality Score update in GCC

Backing the Right Domain for International SEO Success

Set yourself up for an SEO win!