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Who are Latitude?

Founded in 2001, Latitude is an international digital marketing agency, owned by Callcredit Information Group.

84 members of staff across four locations, London, Warrington, Dubai, and Kaunas.

Head Office is Warrington.

Recent Awards

Prolific North Awards 2016
Shortlisted for Best PPC & SEO Agency

UK Search Awards 2015
Winner of the ‘Best Use of Content Marketing’.

European Search Awards 2015
Nominated in the ‘Best Use of Search’ Finance, Innovation – Software and Young Search Personality categories.

DMA Awards 2014
Shortlisted in the ‘Best Use of Search, Natural and Paid For’ category.

UK Search Awards 2014
Nominated in the ‘Best Use of Search’ Finance, Travel/Leisure categories.

European Search Awards 2014
Winners of the ‘Best Use of Search – Gaming’ for Kerching. Finalists ‘Best use of Search – Retail’

UK Search Awards 2013
Finalists in the category ‘Best Use of Search – Finance’ and ‘Best Use of Search – Gaming’ categories.

European Search Awards 2013
Winners of ‘Best Use of Search – Gaming’ awards and finalists in the ‘Innovation’, ‘Best Use of Search – Finance, Retail and Third Sector’.

Some of Our Clients

What marketing services do Latitude offer?

Paid Media
PPC, Display, Paid
Social Advertising

Organic Media
SEO, Content Marketing, Organic
Social Consultancy

Copywriting, Graphic Design, Creative Projects (basically, anything you want)

What are Latitude’s main USPs in the marketing sector?

Ability to enhance performance across every stage of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention

Excellent customer profiling approach for all digital campaigns

Ability to target any territory in the world through international expertise and multilingual staff

Unique Trading Desk for Display with ability to target customers on over 2,000 data points

Specialist Quality Assurance team auditing all accounts on a quarterly basis (they’re like Ofsted … but not as scary)

In-house creative team means you don’t need to pay another creative agency alongside us

Innovation department work with in-house developers to build first-to-market tech in Paid Media

Dedicated Account Directors and Managers per client (separate from production teams)

Certified partners with Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft

Over 15 years of experience in search