3 Key Benefits of Having a Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform that allows users to post small snippets of content quickly and efficiently, making it the home of short, ‘digestible’ content. Here are three key benefits of getting your brand on Tumblr:

1. Search Ranking

The key benefit of having a Tumblr account for your brand is that it can improve your website search ranking. Tumblr has a high authority within search engines, which helps to make posts more visible once optimised for the right keywords.

Tumblr blog

2. Building Links

Tumblr is also a powerful tool for building links to prominent industry leaders. When you link to a contact through Tumblr and follow them, you’re very likely to be followed back, which is beneficial to acquiring prominence in search engines. Search and follow industry influencers, hashtags and related blogs to increase the relevance of your page.

3. Reach the Millennials

Tumblr audience reach

The Tumblr audience typically consists of under 30 years olds who look for captivating, creative content that’s trending (remember the dress?).  By joining in on Tumblr-specific trends, events and memes (such as #TumblrTuesdays, similar to Twitters #FollowFriday) you can speak to your target audience in real time.

Tumblr Tuesdays

Because of the demographic, Tumblr posts get the most traction when they are posted on a schedule that matches the schedules of high school or college students, meaning anywhere between late evening to early morning (8 PM to 2 AM) is likely to grab their attention.

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March 11, 2015|

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