7 Digital (and Other) Surprising Facts About Left Handers

To celebrate National Left Hand Day, we put our analytical searching skills to good use and unearthed the most popular, intriguing and amusing ‘left hand’ searches from the UK.

We also found a couple of reasons that’ll make you wish that you were part of the creative, future leaders (4 of the last 7 presidents in the USA have been left handers) who make up around 10% of the population. Or be proud to be a lefty if you are in the exclusive club!

1. The top 10 most  popular ‘left handed’ search queries in the UK.

top 10 searches

It’s easy to forget that products are made for right handed people in mind, apart from left handed scissors. Remember when you tried to use them in school and failed miserably? Me too.

2. 4 out of 5 of the original Macintosh designers were left handed.


They paved the way for the more aesthetically pleasing MacBook’s.

3. So does this mean left handed people are smarter than right?

smart table

We’re not too sure but we want to know!

4. We may not know who’s smarter but left handed people are known for being creative.


Lefty celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga prove how true this theory is.

5. 390 people fall for this prank every month.

Left hand screwdriver

The poor apprentices and students on work apprentice.

6. Left handers are generally better at sports such as basketball, tennis and baseball.


Always make sure that they’re on your team. 

7. We’re a nation who are very intrigued by these mysterious left handers compared to their right handed counterparts.

top searches

‘Left handed’ searches are a lot more than popular ‘right handed’, which  peaked last year on…you guessed it, Left Handed Day!

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