Latitude Nominated for Three European Search Awards

      We're super excited to have been nominated for three European Search Awards - toot! Our nominations are in the following categories: Best Use of Search - Finance for our work with [...]

      3 Key Benefits of Having a Tumblr Blog

      Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform that allows users to post small snippets of content quickly and efficiently, making it the home of short, ‘digestible’ content. [...]

        3 Ways to Reach Mobile Users in the MENA Region

          Download a copy of the full report here By 2016, PayFort estimate that worldwide mobile payments are expected to reach £314 Billion, an increase of 40% on 2014. At the forefront of this [...]

          The Digital Marketer's Guide to Valentine's Day

            How to Deal with a Website Outage in a User-Friendly Way

            On Friday the 28th November, Black Friday no less, the web went a little bit mental. We all love a good bargain, so much so that this year, many major retail websites struggled to cope with the [...]

              What's in Store for Digital Marketing in 2015

              In 1991 Sir Tim Berners Lee launched the world’s very first website. 25 years later, there are 3 billion Internet users online and the world has created one billion websites and counting. The [...]

                The Dos and Don'ts of Travel Site User Experience

                Booking travel is a stressful experience for most of us – and one that only a few wonderful/crazy people relish. That said, it pales in comparison to the stress experienced by designers and [...]

                  How Eid Impacted Digital in the GCC

                  With Eid being such an important part of the Muslim calendar, I wanted to see how this affected marketing efforts in the GCC region and what lessons could be learned – specifically how Search [...]