The Consumer Barometer: What Is It?

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      Why Companies Should Wake Up to Online Consumer Privacy Concerns

      Internet users in Great Britain are concerned about how organisations use their personal data, and according to recent research, these concerns are continuously escalating. A study conducted in Great [...]

          5 Tips for Retailers Considering International Expansion

          Latitude recently took on the not-so-daunting task of assisting one of our fashion retail clients in expanding into five new territories: USA, New Zealand, Australia, Malta and Gibraltar. The [...]

            Top 3 Social Tips for 2014

            A little while ago I reviewed the engaging presentation provided by Dominic Burch (@DomBurch) surrounding the emergence & growth of Social Media at ASDA. As a follow up to this I have put [...]

              How to Get 18,000 Clicks in Four days (at £0.02 per click)

              Back in May 2013 you may have noticed that your Gmail account started looking more organised. Google enabled users to group their emails into different categories which appeared as different tabs [...]

                International Retail Export: Expanding a Brand’s Global Footprint

                The importance of a robust e-commerce platform, able to withstand the growth of mobile and tablet sales, has been further reinforced by an estimated £890m spent online during Christmas and [...]

                  SAScon Mini Conference: Key Takeaways from ASDA Keynote with Dominic Burch

                  If we took anything from the exciting session presented at miniSASCon a few weeks back by Dominic Burch (Head of Social Media at ASDA), it was……. #dontbeasocialmediaw@nker Aside from [...]

                    Thinking About Taking Your Marketing Campaign Global?

                    January 2014 saw the launch of a great study by OC&C Partners, which looks at the international e-commerce market and strategies for launching marketing campaigns on global [...]