40 Content Formats That all Digital Marketers Should Be Aware Of

    I get it. When pressure is on and the deadlines are looming, it’s easy to go straight to a simple blog post or infographic when you need to create content for your digital marketing efforts. To [...]

      Can Google Trends Predict the Oscars This Weekend?

      We love looking at Google Trends data. Last year, we analysed whether or not the Miley Cyrus song ‘Malibu’ impacted the interest in ‘Malibu Holidays’. In short, it did (we [...]

        Rainforest Connection Is Saving the Word (And We're Helping) 

        This is one of the coolest, most important projects we've ever worked on.  Sure, we’ve figured out the value of 7 Game of Thrones castles for London and Country. And detailed the entire [...]

          The Bank Robber’s Guide to Creative Content Marketing

          On Saturday 6th August 2005, a group of burglars tunnelled into a Brazilian bank, closed for the weekend. The theft was undiscovered until Monday, when the bank reopened. 90 days earlier, the group [...]

            Latitude Celebrates First Awards Success of 2018 – With Moving Dementia Project

            Latitude is celebrating its first award win of 2018. Last night, at the Northern Digital Awards, we were presented with the prize for Best Digital Marketing Campaign in the Finance Sector. And we [...]

              Paid and Organic: Getting the Brand Back Together

              Back in 1789, Benjamin Franklin famously remarked:  "In this world, nothing can be said for certain - except death, taxes and clients asking why they should bid on their own brand [...]

                What Can Super Mario Odyssey Teach Us about UX Design? 

                What did I do on my two weeks off over Christmas? Well, I didn't go to any parties. I didn't even drink!  I stayed in on New Year's Eve, and except for the odd family meal, I mainly played Super [...]

                  Cutting through the New Year Noise - a Tale of Two Ads

                  I spent a disproportionate amount of the festive period watching television. Don’t get me wrong, I did manage to get out and about too. I joined everyone and their dogs (and their kids and [...]

                    Avoiding the Chaos of Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention with Google's Conversion Linker Tag

                    I’ve always admired Apple products, I would probably fall into the category of ‘Fan Boy.’ Their great marketing and tech leaves me a in camp where I believe they can do no wrong. It [...]