Improve Conversions with this Simple Method from the Movies

    Caleb receives a notification on his work computer. He has won something. Elated, he texts his friends and family about the news. And is flooded with replies like “OMG! Take me, take [...]

      Are You Wasting Money by Advertising to Me, Too?

      I’m always banging on about my own experiences as if they’re a relevant barometer for other things. It tends to mean things are limited to football, marathon running and new parenthood. [...]

        The Second Best Way to Become a Better Writer Is…

        I’m sorry. I hate clickbait titles too. You click the link, and have to scroll down half the page before finding the answer you’ve been promised. So I’ll save you the trouble. [...]

          Transfer Deadline Day – The Original “Fake News”

          I’m one of those people who was born at the (very) start of the 1980s. I grew up with computers, but the word processor type. My first email address was my university one. Quite frequently, I [...]

            Latitude Celebrates Most Decorated Year in its History

            2016 at Latitude was a year of dressing nicely, heading to swanky venues and partying late into the night. This was – of course – outside regular working hours. (Almost) every time it was [...]

              How to Market to Millennials on Twitter

              I know what you’re thinking. You can’t market to millennials on Twitter. There’s no way they still engage with this channel, so why bother investing in it? Well, I’m going to [...]

                Moving into a Client Services Role

                Hi, I’m Victoria, and I rarely stop talking. My school reports regularly featured the sentence ‘bright, but needs to stop the chatter’ and I’m forever thankful for the [...]

                  What Every Marketer Needs to Know about Typography [WITH INFOGRAPHIC]

                  What is typography? Typography is the method of arranging text to make it legible, readable and appealing to look at. Ever got stuck trying to figure out what font to use? By asking yourself the [...]

                    What I Learned During Work Experience at Latitude

                    I’m 17 and an A-level business student. You’d probably assume that I might have some idea about digital marketing. Marketing is a detailed topic I’ve covered at college, and [...]