What Every Writer Could Learn at the DMA’s Future Writers’ Labs

    As copywriters, should we simply be laying out the value of a particular product in the most concise, informative way possible? Or, is it better to immerse our readers in a story that revolves around [...]

      Intro to Visual Hierarchy [VIDEO]

      Imagine you step into a kitchen to make a cup of tea.* On the shelf ahead, there are a number of tins. All the tins are the same size, colour and shape – and any drawers or cupboards are also [...]

        Blank Space

        “Cause we’re young and we’re recklessWe’ll take this way too farIt’ll leave you breathlessOr with a nasty scarGot a long list of ex-loversThey’ll tell you [...]

          A Simple Content Strategy for Brave Marketers Only

          What is the point of content marketing? What’s the point of all marketing? To sell. That’s it. Other benefits include things like better brand reputation … which leads to more [...]

            How Related is Your Keyword to Conversion in PPC?

            As digital marketers, we haven’t been asking this question enough. There is a swamp of information and products out there explaining how to improve conversions through better keyword bids. A [...]

              New Google SERP layout: It’s Not Right

              A recent Search Engine Land article announced that Google is reshaping the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for desktop devices. The change means that text ads no longer appear on the right hand [...]

                A History of Digital Marketing

                Digital marketing has seen a dramatic rise over the last 20 years, powering the growth of some of the biggest global companies.  Each year saw numerous changes, acquisitions and innovations. [...]

                  Have you been fooled by the no.1 graphic design fallacy?

                  Imagine the scenario. You are creating a presentation on the importance of branding for your colleagues. The pressure is on because as a marketer, if you can’t communicate a message to your own [...]

                    What Google Trends can tell us about the Organic Search Industry

                    If you haven’t used Google Trends before, you should definitely check it out. It’s a free-to-use tool that allows you to view trended interest in search terms and topics across the world [...]