PPC Advertisers – What did you miss in 2015?

    I confess, I’m a little late to the party. I’d like to think this 2016 PPC predictions blog is “fashionably” late. Having never been the fashionable type though I’ll [...]

      Paid Media – In the news this week

      Display Emojis in Google PLA URLs “Remember all the emojis that were showing up in Google Search results in titles, URLs and descriptions until Google pulled the plug on [...]

        Personalisation in Retail: How to Get it Right

        This month at Latitude, one of our big topics of discussions has been personalisation on the web; how it helps or hinders us, whether we think it is a positive or negative thing for marketers (and [...]

          Halloween by Numbers

            Halloween is just around the corner but, most of us are still undecided about what party to attend and type of zombie we should go as. Last year there were nearly 5 million UK searches on [...]

            Six tips on Content Marketing from Dave Trott

            If you didn’t make it to Google #Firestarters don’t worry – I was there frantically taking notes for all of us. There are a lot of experts in content marketing. And I had the [...]

              What Does the Apple iPhone 6S Release Mean for PPC Advertisers?

              Friday September 25th sees the UK launch of Apple’s latest iPhone. Ahead of tomorrow’s highly anticipated launch we thought we’d share a few insights into what the iPhone release [...]

                8 Online Resources for (Digital) Marketers

                The Internet is overflowing with information and tips that can help you develop, innovate and outdo your competitor’s digital marketing. But how do you know where to find the latest digital [...]

                  Keyword Quality Score Update in GCC

                  A few weeks ago Google announced an update to Keyword Quality Score and it was the first update that the system had seen since 2013. Google assured us that the change would only impact reporting and [...]

                    7 Digital (and Other) Surprising Facts About Left Handers

                    To celebrate National Left Hand Day, we put our analytical searching skills to good use and unearthed the most popular, intriguing and amusing ‘left hand’ searches from the UK. We also [...]