8 Online Resources for (Digital) Marketers

    The Internet is overflowing with information and tips that can help you develop, innovate and outdo your competitor’s digital marketing. But how do you know where to find the latest digital [...]

      Keyword Quality Score Update in GCC

      A few weeks ago Google announced an update to Keyword Quality Score and it was the first update that the system had seen since 2013. Google assured us that the change would only impact reporting and [...]

        7 Digital (and Other) Surprising Facts About Left Handers

        To celebrate National Left Hand Day, we put our analytical searching skills to good use and unearthed the most popular, intriguing and amusing ‘left hand’ searches from the UK. We also [...]

          The Importance of Image Based Content

          A picture is worth a thousand words. A cliché, perhaps, but still relevant. Over the last few years the importance of having imagery in your web content has grown exponentially and is now [...]

            Key Takeaways from Arabnet 2015

            Arabnet Dubai is recognised for being one of the largest digital conferences in the MENA region held over two days. This year the event held over 35 panels, case studies, workshops and keynotes! Here [...]

              In the Hot Seat: Young Search Professional Nominee, Chris Taylor

              Chris, tell us a little bit about yourself: I joined Latitude 14 months ago as an Account Executive and was recently promoted to Account Manager following my work with Latitude’s eGaming [...]

                Preparing for Grand National: Key Learnings from Cheltenham

                As we look ahead to another exciting weekend of racing at the Grand National this week (9th – 11th April), the below interview takes you on a whistle stop tour of the Cheltenham Festival 2015. [...]

                  How Personal Is Too Personal? Display Advertising in the Gaming Sector

                  In an overcrowded and competitive marketplace, companies will do anything to make their brand and products stand out from the crowd. One of the many benefits of online advertising is the ability to [...]

                    Social Advertising A Perfect Fit For Finance Marketers And Beyond?

                    This week, we see another banking report roll off the press, ‘Digital Disruption: UK Banking Report’ from the BBA. The report looks at the challenges and opportunities from the [...]