4 Features We’d Love to See in Adobe Spark

We’ve been trying out Adobe’s new product, Adobe Spark, around the office and it really has ignited the way we tell visual stories.

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is a free in-browser app that allows you to create compelling, engaging and highly visual stories in mere minutes, without faffing around with code.

It comes with its pre-built templates and an easy-to-use interface.

A Page is essentially a landing page, a Video is a video – but when Adobe says “Post” they are referring to an image (similar to what you’d create with Canva).

Here’s an example of a Page we made for a charity we are partnered with:

We’ve all really enjoyed testing out the features and we’re loving what we’ve seen so far, however we are greedy and we want more.

Here’s a list of the features we’d love Adobe to consider before it fizzles out:

The ability to change fonts and colours

One of the reasons Adobe Spark is so easy to use is that it limits its colours and fonts on pre-built templates.

Essentially it cuts down the likelihood of a novice user messing things up with weird font/colour combinations.

However, wouldn’t it be great if you could change the templates to align with your own branding? Or even better, build your own template for your brand?

A profile page

Adobe Spark has the opportunity to create a product that operates as its own social media platform. For example, people can share their stories within the program itself.

And that’s what social media is all about, sharing stories. It just so happens that Adobe Spark gives you the tools to really make your existing messages shine.

The problem, however, is that you aren’t given your own profile page where visitors can find out more about you, follow you, or see other stories you’ve created.

To see how many “appreciates” a project has

By clicking a little heart icon on someone’s work, Adobe Spark allows you to “appreciate” it – which is similar to a Facebook Like or Reddit Upvote.

However, unlike with Facebook and Reddit, you can’t publicly see how many times a project has been appreciated.

If Adobe Spark allowed the world to see those figures, it could become a social media platform in its own right.

The ability to remove the Adobe Spark branding

The biggest drawback of Adobe Spark is probably that everything you create has some sort of Adobe Spark branding on it.

Whilst you can remove this on posts, at the moment you don’t have the ability to remove it on videos and pages. We understand why Adobe has done it, but we’d love to create pieces for ourselves and our clients without the Adobe branding. And we’d be willing to pay for that privilege.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the program for any new developments.

Have you tried Adobe Spark yet? Are there any other features they’d like them to introduce? Let us know in the comments below.

September 2, 2016|

About the Author:

Emma is the Design Strategist at Latitude. She has over 6 years experience in the graphic design industry and is responsible for the visual branding at Latitude.