What We Learned at the 2018 European Search Conference

    Since our Warrington office is basically up the road, we thought it'd be rude not to have some form of Latitude attendance at the first ever European Search Conference - hosted in the wonderful [...]

      The Bank Robber’s Guide to Creative Content Marketing

      On Saturday 6th August 2005, a group of burglars tunnelled into a Brazilian bank, closed for the weekend. The theft was undiscovered until Monday, when the bank reopened. 90 days earlier, the group [...]

        The Stats Behind the Keyword “Malibu Holidays”

        The search term usually averages at 140 per month, with “medium” competition in organic search. place a good “Opportunity Score” on the keyword (implying that users [...]

          Could This be the Best Award Ceremony of 2017?

          Last night, we ventured to the Big Smoke for an, unusual, awards ceremony. For starters, nobody was wearing a suit. No ties, either. No tiny portions of posh food. No champagne on arrival. And the [...]

            Improve Conversions with this Simple Method from the Movies

            Caleb receives a notification on his work computer. He has won something. Elated, he texts his friends and family about the news. And is flooded with replies like “OMG! Take me, take [...]

              How to Find Your Most Important Customer: Part 1 – You’re Not Important

              Hello – You’re reading this post alone, aren’t you? There are no friends huddling around your shoulders, sharing the experience like that webcam scene from American [...]

                A Simple Content Strategy for Brave Marketers Only

                What is the point of content marketing? What’s the point of all marketing? To sell. That’s it. Other benefits include things like better brand reputation … which leads to more [...]