The Door-Knocker's Guide to Influencer Marketing

    Considering my age, I’ve had a fair few jobs in my time. The year I spent travelling abroad accounts for many of those. After a few months spent enjoying myself in Southeast Asia, I finally [...]

      Halloween by Numbers: The 2017 Edition

        Fancy dress. We love it. But when it comes to Halloween, we really go to town. In fact, the UK spends millions collectively every year on Halloween costumes. But what are they spending their [...]

        What You Can Learn from Your FREE Copy of Design for Non Designers

          I have to confess - when it comes to design, I'm no expert.  Give me a document to write up, any kind - no problem, I'll crack on.  But ask me to make it look good, or visually [...]

          5 Things I've Learned from the Content Marketing Transition 

          Ever seen Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire? It’s essentially the story of a guy who has a life-altering epiphany about his role as a successful albeit slightly unethical sports agent. This leads him [...]

            What Can Marketers Expect from the New Great British Bake Off?

            Now you don’t need me to tell you how popular the Great British Bake Off has been since first hitting our screens in 2010. This week marked the beginning of Series 8, at the dawn of a new era [...]

              Confessions from the Voice Behind Latitude's Social Media

              It happened in my first week.  It sticks in the memory, because I was still struggling to navigate the best driving route to our Warrington office at that time.  I'd frequently dodge [...]

                What I Learned about Marketing on a Slow Boat down the Mekong

                Picture this … Three sweaty mates on the trip of a lifetime, wade through nine inches of filthy water to board a boat that’s about to take us down the longest river in Southeast Asia [...]