Halloween by Numbers

      Halloween is just around the corner but, most of us are still undecided about what party to attend and type of zombie we should go as. Last year there were nearly 5 million UK searches on [...]

      3 Ways to Reach Mobile Users in the MENA Region

        Download a copy of the full report here By 2016, PayFort estimate that worldwide mobile payments are expected to reach £314 Billion, an increase of 40% on 2014. At the forefront of this [...]

        The Digital Marketer's Guide to Valentine's Day

          What's in Store for Digital Marketing in 2015

          In 1991 Sir Tim Berners Lee launched the world’s very first website. 25 years later, there are 3 billion Internet users online and the world has created one billion websites and counting. The [...]

            Google Penguin and Online PR

            It’s been a couple of months now since the Google Penguin update, which has had a significant effect on the way PRs do things. Google really hammered the message home that this is something [...]

              Google Cpcs Getting Lower?

              When Google published their earnings release for 2011 last month, one of the highlights was the reduction in cost-per-clicks across its network. Latitude Digital Marketing data experienced similar [...]

                Google Blocks Organic Keyword Referrer Data in New Privacy Move

                Google last week announced the introduction of encrypted searches for SSL Search. This means that no-one other than Google and the web browser will be able to see the search results Google is [...]