What You Can Learn from Your FREE Copy of Design for Non Designers


I have to confess - when it comes to design, I'm no expert. 

Give me a document to write up, any kind - no problem, I'll crack on. 

But ask me to make it look good, or visually professional in any way, shape or form - then I'm probably not your go-to-guy. 

That's why people like me feel much safer sitting in close proximity of a graphic designer - in this case, our very own in Emma Rose. 

To be fair, you don't necessarily have to sit anywhere near Emma to benefit from her expertise. 

You have a branded document to write, or a slide deck to create - you'd be a fool to not pick her brains. 

But when I heard Emma had been working on her own side-project called Design for Non Designers - a guide for novices like myself and the vast majority of my colleagues, I thought it was a great shout. 

That said, it came at a cost for Emma. 

By this, I mean time - 18 months of it to be precise. 

But it's done-and-dusted now, and my goodness it's been worth the wait. 

It's exactly what it says on the tin - Emma's bible of basic yet subtle design principles that all marketers simply need to know

Colour theory, gridding, typography - you name it. Everything you need to know to make your professional documents and presentations stand out from the rest can be found in the pages of the concise yet comprehensive book.  

There's even a section on design lingo! 

So, if that's enough to whet your appetite, all you need to do is enter your email above to subscribe and get your hands on a full free copy of the digital version. 

Even if you only have the time to read a chapter a day, I can assure you that your marketing materials will benefit tenfold as Emma's tried and trusted methods become second nature.

Happy reading! 

October 5, 2017|

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