Could This be the Best Award Ceremony of 2017?

Last night, we ventured to the Big Smoke for an, unusual, awards ceremony.

For starters, nobody was wearing a suit.

No ties, either.

No tiny portions of posh food.

No champagne on arrival.

And the venue for The Drum Chip Shop Awards in Brixton dared to have some kind of personality.

Here’s a photo from the outside:

Drum Chip Shop Venue 2017

We get there, the hostess stamps our hands like it’s a nightclub. The guy on the door hands us a ticket for a free drink, a ticket for a free burger n chips, and a glowstick. The glowstick isn’t explained … but if a glowstick ever needs to explain itself, then it shouldn’t be there, I reckon.

Inside, it’s kinda like an old theatre. The type Derren Brown would use on tour, except the air is smokey and the lighting is orange. Just like I imagine the Kings of Leon would have it before they were playing stadiums.

And, as it’s hosted by The Drum, the speakers are all on form.

No regard for political correctness.

Or face saving.

Or pandering to the pretentious layer of the marketing industry.

By the time the comedian is done rapping (seriously), we realise this sweary underground atmosphere is the only way to host The Drum Chip Shop Awards. Our new favourite ceremony of the year.

Even the host admits the controversy of the night often lands him in a lawsuit against one brand or another.

See, these awards are for creative ideas. Not real campaigns, necessarily.

No client signs them off. And, in fact, there’s a category for “Best Rejected Idea”.

Our Graphic Designer, Emma Rose, was hoping for a win in “Best Use of Honesty”, for this fictional ad created as a fictional joint campaign for the fictional brand Organ Donation UK and Think!.

Think - Dum Chip Shop Awards

I’m saying “fictional” a lot because it was entirely fictional. Neither brand signed off on the ideas. We don’t work with them. And they didn’t endorse them at all. The ads are not in production. Nor will they be. Please don’t sue The Drum Chip Shop Awards because of them. Thanks.

So, you get the idea – this wasn’t a shiny awards ceremony with back-pattings galore. And the entries held no punches. Here’s a list from our faves on the night …

Senokot – Best Ad Without A Headline


Senokot - Chip Shop Awards 2017

Like the glowstick, I don’t need to explain why this is in the list. Genius by Jack Patarou and Kelly Bugg.


Stop Sign – Best Ad for Something that Does Not Need to Be Advertised

Stop Sign - Chip Shop Awards 2017

Some of the entrants on the night were sensible. And inspiring. This was perfect from Nicola Thompson and Charlie Colbourne.


Sudocrem – Best Work for a Brand You Have Not a Hope in Hell of Winning


Sudocrem - Chip Shop Awards 2017

As a copywriter, you might think I can’t possibly fall in love with a wordless advertisement. But like any copywriter, I chase brevity in everything I write. It’s hard. And it doesn’t get any more concise than zero words. By far my favourite on the night by Loaf Creative.


All the winners received a chip as a trophy. Some were commended with a bottle of vinegar.

It was a privilege to be in an awards venue of people who actually do the marketing.

By far the most inspirational night of the year for us. And we can’t wait for 2018.

June 8, 2017|

About the Author:

Rob is Latitude's Head of Organic Performance and loves all things marketing. He eats peanut butter straight from the jar and gets a fair bit of stick for it in the office.