How to Drive New Customers and Additional Revenue to Your Site with Facebook Custom Audiences

Here at Latitude, we are always trying to suggest new and innovative ideas to help our clients reach their goals. So when we heard about Facebook custom audiences, we were keen to suggest it to one of our fashion clients.

Facebook custom audiences is a great feature from Facebook that allows you to target ads to users based on their email address. This means you can upload a list of your customer’s email addresses and Facebook will match up the addresses with current Facebook users to serve your ads to only those people.

You can use this in a number of ways:

  • Upsell or cross-sell other products to customers who have already bought from you
  • Upload a list of your highest value customers and reward them with a loyalty scheme
  • Target customers who haven’t bought from you in quite some time with a discount to try and encourage them back

For this particular fashion client, one of their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is acquiring new customers, which meant they weren’t too interested in targeting just their existing customer base. We selected the “Lookalike audience” option, which allows you to provide a list of selected email addresses and Facebook will match that with a set audience of users who are most similar to your customers.

You can choose the audience to be optimized for “similarity” whereby Facebook will provide you with the top 1% of people in your selected country, or “greater reach” where they will provide you with the top 5%.

We uploaded 14,000 email addresses and Facebook generated over 300,000 lookalikes in the UK for us to target. In the campaign’s first month, it generated over 13,000 clicks to the site and over 200 sales at a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) which our client was happy with. The campaign is now in its third month and has gone from strength to strength with a 50% decrease in CPA since the campaign started.

The great thing about this feature is that you can keep adding new email addresses to the database and increase the number of lookalikes, expanding the reach of the campaign once it is up and running.

We were hesitant at first as to how effective the “Lookalike audience” feature would be at showing our ad to the right type of potential customer. Even though our client is regarded as niche in the fashion retail sector, the Facebook custom audience worked extremely well and has become a great channel of driving new customers to the site, providing significant additional revenue for the brand.

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September 4, 2014|

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