The importance of a robust e-commerce platform, able to withstand the growth of mobile and tablet sales, has been further reinforced by an estimated £890m spent online during Christmas and Boxing Day. It is therefore no surprise that a recent study carried out by OC&C Strategy Consultants (in collaboration with Google) found that the UK is currently leading the way in terms of retail growth on a global scale.

This presents a huge opportunity for all UK online retailers to increase their reach internationally and ensure that their e-commerce platform can operate both at local and global scales.

The Latitude way

Latitude helps our clients (retail and across other verticals) achieve a robust retail export strategy by focusing on the followingthree pillars:

  1. Analytics

We help our clients see exactly where their website traffic is coming from. Even the most accomplished UK online retailer will see portions of its traffic/revenue/sales being generated by users based abroad and/or with different language settings. To stay ahead of the curve, the Latitude teams help our clients identify the shortfalls in their geo-targeting, tailoring our customer’s campaigns and strategies towards overseas customers, with the ultimate goal of mimicking their UK successes across key overseas territories. As the graph below demonstrates, there are a number of overseas markets which are ‘ready’ to take on UK retailers without the need for complex website translation.

2. Automation

The Latitude team assists our clients on automating their campaigns to reach a wider audience, whilst still retaining full visibility. Automated platforms can help agencies decrease process time considerably by using a unified solution to manage all key paid activity.

3. Export

The Latitude teams also helps our clients realise their product export capabilities on a worldwide scale. Improving user experience by simple (and dare I say, “gratis”) tweaks to their e-commerce sites is useful in achieving an altogether improved site navigation and experience. Such tweaks may include:

  • International delivery offers
  • Currency selection
  • Language selection

Google Translate Widget

A quick and easy tweak is the very simple (and quick!) installation of the Google Translate Widget on an e-commerce site. This is a free tool provided by Google and it’s a fantastic way for retailers (and marketers) to embark on their international strategy.

The tool will automatically translate your website HTML text from English to a selected language. A live example is provided by one of our current retail clients Yours Clothing who are taking advantage of this feature (as well as offering a number of different currencies) to improve site navigation.

The general Latitude’s consensus (amongst our international native speakers) is that the widget works really well for small translations of typically two or three words maximum and it is a good starting point for improving site navigation for prospective foreign speaking customers. Nevertheless, from an SEO perspective and to improve visibility in a key territory, a more bespoke and professional translation is needed, especially for large pieces of content and/or blogs.