Key Takeaways From Twitter’s AppsUntapped Launch Event

Not wishing to give up the opportunity to spend some time at Twitter’s swanky new London offices, I attended their #AppsUntapped event on 8th July, where Twitter’s Mobile Ads team shared info and insights on mobile app promotion.

The event presented a great opportunity to listen to Twitter and their partners speak about the effective use of advertising apps via Twitter. My key takeaway from the day was on the subject of Twitter App Cards. I can’t stress their importance enough; in fact they should be a principal channel in any app marketing plan looking to gain direct downloads at a cost effective CPD (cost per download).

Here’s the Latest Stats:

  • 80% of Twitter usage is now mobile
  • £15bn worth of app revenues in 2013
  • Users typically only use 10 out of their average 65 apps
  • 50% of twitter users use is on their commute, 25% whilst shopping and 66% whilst watching TV
  • App discovery is at its peak on Sundays

Mobile App promotion

During the product run through Ross Sheil (@rossysheil) referenced multiple insights associated with user behaviour, targeting, creative and even reporting and analytics for the new app cards.

Key Takeaways

  • The new app cards are the number one acquisition channel for telecommunications company GetTaxi.
  • To complete accurate targeting, you need to understand user behaviour. This can be done via Twitter, considering it is a live medium with over one billion tweets sent every day. “Realise the moments.”
  • There are over twenty million retail mentions each week across Twitter.
  • Device targeting is key to refining your offering and ensuring focus is on the users.
  • A new exciting tool is available that allows you to exclude existing users, similar to custom audiences on Facebook, that can also be a means to pushing updates and re-engagement to inactive users.
  • A more robust tracking interface can now enable view through conversions and the importance of attribution within campaign measurement.

App Cards

The core premise and benefit of app cards are significant: you are only paying CPC (cost per click), which makes it a fantastic opportunity for any marketing team.

Along with the positive focus on CPC, the new customised imagery (versus the basic app card) shows significant opportunity for optimisation and improved click through.

Below image is a summarised view of the session from @rossysheil:

Key takeaways

If you want a more detailed view on app cards have a look at the witter resources on the subject here.

Case Study: GetTaxi

GetTaxi have taken the market by storm since their inception, and were quick to jump on an opportunity to target London only and drive significant and quality install volumes for their new app.

Below is a summary of their results via Twitter alone:

Twitter Get Taxi Results

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