How to Market to Millennials on Twitter

I know what you’re thinking.

You can’t market to millennials on Twitter.

There’s no way they still engage with this channel, so why bother investing in it?

Well, I’m going to tell you why…

Are millennials even still on Twitter?

We had a work experience intern join us at Latitude for a week.

When I did my induction of social media marketing, she said:

“I heard of Twitter. But never really used it. “(Beth, 18)

Another work experience intern said:

“Most of my friends use it just like we used to use Facebook just telling followers what we’re doing, sharing funny things and I probably use it twice a day” (Becky Scott, 18)

And Louise, our Account Executive (22) said:

“Twitter to me is an easy and convenient way to keep up to date with my favourite things, whether that be celebrities, the news, sports, TV shows etc. It’s really easy to jump on board with a trend or a big event such as the Olympics and see what others opinions are of the same things just by searching the word or using a hashtag.”

40% of millennials have an account on Twitter with 27% saying they use the channel as an information source.

There you go.

Can Millennials Be Marketed to on Twitter?

Marketers have different opinions on Twitter for Millennials:

“If I am going to reach them with something relevant, I am probably looking at Instagram and Snapchat.” (Shenan Reed, president of digital at MEC North America)

“If something is happening in the world, chances are it is being discussed on Twitter, and that hasn’t changed,” says Debbie Williamson, an analyst at eMarketer.

I am a millennial and I go on Twitter daily to share articles I read on content marketing and social media.

That’s the channel I get all my info from and the first channel I go to when there’s a live show on TV and I want to see what people comment on it.

It’s the best forum for live interaction and comments.

But that’s me. And I’m old.

For a millennial that is.

We know millennials use Twitter. We know they can be marketed to. How do we do it?

What do Millennials use Twitter for?

Before we decide how to market to millennials, we need to find out what they’re using Twitter for.

33% of UK Twitter users usually post about news.


[Source: Ofcom, August 2015]

Types of topics tweeted about - How to market to Millennials on Twitter

In the UK, 32% of brand mentions on Twitter concern food and drink. So if you’re a restaurant or a pub you’re sound.

Twitter is the way to go.

If not, well…better rethink your social strategy.

All brand mentions in the UK, Twitter data - How to market to Millennials on Twitter

To sum it all up, Twitter is great as an upper funnel tool and even better at creating awareness around a topic or brand. People like to talk about brands (and complain about them) and it’s the number one channel for getting your news.

And this is what Twitter was meant to be: a channel that captures real-time conversations around news and events like the Olympics and the Xfactor. That’s what it excels at.

Ask yourself this:

How active are you on your Twitter feed?

Do you just share your latest blog posts and expect 100% engagement?

Do you reply to people who tag you in a tweet or just ignore it?

You might not for many different reasons: lack of resource or time, or knowing what to reply with.

But when mentioning a brand on Twitter, 47% of UK social media users expect the company to retweet.

And with engagement being an issue for the channel you shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to talk to your customers or potential customers directly.

Talking to Millennials on Twitter

If you want to market to millennials on Twitter, you need to learn how to talk to millennials on Twitter.

What to do

A good tactic for engaging your millennial audience on Twitter is to create a social strategy specific for popular TV show airing times or events like the Olympics or the Oscars.

Why? Because 60% of UK TV viewers tweet while watching TV. [Source: Fast Web Media, April 2013] And if you have everything ready to go out during air time, then you’ll definitely succeed.

Tweets happening whilst watching tv - - How to market to Millennials on Twitter

Just stay on brand and BE RELEVANT!

It doesn’t always have to be about you, your brand and your products. Just look at what Samsung did


See the engagement numbers on that? Glorious, as our designer Emma would say.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a video expert or have the budget Samsung has. A few brands do.

But do get inspired by their tone and on brand message that is perfectly linked to the event.

Pure joy. (Emma will be proud)

36% of Twitter users will share content simply because they love the brand. Lots of brands do similar things, so there needs to be a reason why your customers love yours.

What not to do

Basically, don’t be this guy

Tweets happening whilst watching tv - - How to market to Millennials on Twitter

Or this guy

Tweets happening whilst watching tv - - How to market to Millennials on Twitter

Or this

Tweets happening whilst watching tv - - How to market to Millennials on Twitter

Don’t even need to explain why this is bad.

The Best Example of Talking to Millennials on Twitter

I was in Barcelona waiting to check in at a hotel. Was already there for about 40 minutes when I got too frustrated to keep it all to myself.

So, naturally, I went on Twitter to vent.

My tweet said:

“Been sat at the check in queue for 40 min at @hotel Great start of a holiday. 😡 #fail”

In the next two minutes, a hotel next door replied to my tweet. Can you guess what they said?

I’ll give you two minutes.

So here’s a picture of a llama.



Do you think the competitor tweeted me saying

“Sorry to hear that, why not come stay with us? No queues here!!

Most people would think that’s what happened. Because most of us do this. We’re trying to sell with every breath we take. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to sell. What matters is how you do it.

There are three issues with that tweet:

  1. Why is this random hotel stalking me?
  2. Why are there no queues there? At all? Something must be wrong with it if no one’s there
  3. I probably already made a deposit to stay here and have queued for half my life so why leave now?

But no, they didn’t. Instead, they said:

“We’re sorry to hear that. Hope the rest of your trip will be amazing”

And I liked it.

It made me smile, and I replied.

And the next time I went to Barcelona I stayed there. And I told all my friends. And I wrote a review about it.

Because they were nice.

And the experience was seamless.

All because of one tweet.

So think about that next time you’re planning to market to Millennials on Twitter.

October 5, 2016|

About the Author:

Rodica is a senior content marketer at Latitude, specialising in social media marketing.