The Facebook HomePage

Facebook calls it the “most valuable page” on their network being where the majority of its users spend most of their time reading through their friends’ status updates.  I’m referring to the HomePage of course (a.k.a. News Feeds) which is the first page every user sees after logging on Facebook; therefore is no wonder that only Premium adverts are allowed to appear on it. Well – most of the time…..

Premium vs Market Place ads

Premium ads differ from Market Place ads primarily in three ways:

  • They appear on the HomePage i.e. the most exclusive page on the Facebook network
  • There is a minimum spend applicable to run a Premium advertising campaign
  • They have “100% share of voice”

Advertisers are rewarded with a choice of five different elite Premium ad-types to choose from. Facebook normal demographic and interest targeting options still apply.

  • Video Ads
  • Like Engagement Ads
  • RSVP Event Ads
  • Sample Request Ads
  • Survey Ads

Why do some Market-Place ads appear on the HomePage then?

I’v asked this same question to the Facebook Product Panel of which I’m a member. A spokesman for Facebook has told me that “After a given user has exhausted homepage/premium ad impressions from their first few page-views, if you continue to use Facebook during the day, we will start showing marketplace ads to that user at some point”.