Rainforest Connection Is Saving the Word (And We're Helping) 

This is one of the coolest, most important projects we've ever worked on. 

Sure, we’ve figured out the value of 7 Game of Thrones castles for London and Country. And detailed the entire history of the VW Campervan for Comfort Insurance.

But this is really special.

I’m talking about Rainforest Connection.

Rainforest Connection is a project that helps protect rainforests across the world from loggers and animal poachers. 

It works by taking people's old mobile phones, sticking them in or around trees, and using them to monitor noises. 

If they pick up the sound of a chainsaw, or gunshots, the relevant authorities can be notified - and put a stop to any illegal behaviour. 

The UN states that around 90% of logging that takes place in tropical rainforests is illegal. So this project has the potential to make a huge difference. 

As of today, 26,000 hectares of land, across three continents, are being monitored. 

How Does Latitude Fit into All This? 

Rainforest Connection, as a non-profit organisation, has been awarded an AdWords grant by Google, and has asked Latitude to run the campaign. 

We're proud to do so. 

The campaign is still in its early stages. We're formulating strategies, and deciding on what the best way forward for this organisation is. 

But as soon as we begin implementing our ideas, and seeing results, we're looking to pull together a case study that showcases our performance. 

In the meantime, we'd encourage our readers to get involved with Rainforest Connection, if possible. 

You can check out their amazing website here. It’s got regularly updated stats on how they’re doing – so you can see where they’re at with the whole ‘saving the world’ thing.

And you can make a financial donation by visiting this link.

February 23, 2018|

About the Author:

Matt is the leading copywriter for Latitude Digital Marketing, and has worked at the agency for two years. He recently graduated from the DMA's Future Copywriters'