January 2014 saw the launch of a great study by OC&C Partners, which looks at the international e-commerce market and strategies for launching marketing campaigns on global markets.

According to the study, the UK is still leading the way (worldwide) when it comes to international export, quickly followed by the US and Germany. It is therefore not surprising that many UK-based brands are considering, if not already running, multi-territory marketing campaigns.

Building an international strategy

Latitude helps our clients in creating robust global strategies that look to maximise revenue whilst keeping on ROI target. To enable this, we have created a four step approach which should be followed when considering launching a campaign internationally:

1. Advertise and deliver to ‘anglophile’ countries. This step means going through an easy and straightforward optimisation process which comprises of small tweaks to existing PPC strategy. This approach works really well alongside the Google Translate Widget; a free tool which will quickly translate any website HTML text into a chosen language.

2. Advertise directly at key overseas territories. This step is again fairly straightforward, but it’s an additional advancement for those more adventurous brands which have an existing ‘international delivery’ strategy and can therefore ship further overseas (e.g. Russia or Middle East).

3. Translate top keywords into key languages identified. Step three is more advanced and will require a level of translations of keywords, ad text and campaigns differentiation so that we can begin to analyse which country is performing well and make further recommendations based on territory performance.

4. Launch Adwords/Bing country-specific campaigns, ads and keywords. Step four includes launching country specific PPC accounts/campaigns and the creation of country specific domains.

While above framework won’t naturally cover all the complexities of launching a marketing campaign abroad, it gives a great starting point when thinking about your brand’s international expansion.

Image provided by to OC&C Partners.