What Does PPC Marketing and The Sopranos Have In Common?

“Buy land, A.J., ’cause God ain’t making any more of it.” Tony Soprano

Yes, I have just quoted The Sopranos in a blog about PPC. Why? In essence, the lesson from the quote is that space is at a premium, and those who control the most space, reap the benefits.

So how does this logic apply to search?

The answer is Ad Extensions. In Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), we have a brief window of opportunity to grab the attention of our target market as they search for terms and view the results. On a computer, your screen has limited “real estate”, if you’ll indulge the Sopranos reference again, and to take up as much of that space as possible muscles out your competition.

At Latitude, we recommend a combination of extended sitelinks, callout extensions, social extensions, seller ratings and review extensions, as this turns three lines of ad text into almost a paragraph of relevant eye-catching copy. Commanding this much space with your ad puts you in a much stronger position to increase your CTR. Here’s an example of how multiple extensions can work:

Ad extensions Yours Clothing

With the addition of even one ad extension, you are capable of increasing your CTR by around 10%. Using as many as possible allows you to continue to boost your CTR and relevance, meaning you’re rewarded with improved Quality Score, lowering your CPCs. Bada-bing!

What about mobile?

If we turn our attention to mobile devices, the screen has less space to display ads. A well implemented set of ad extensions on mobile effectively gives you visibility on most, if not all, of the initial results page – providing you’re hitting the top two positions regularly – an essential part of a good mobile strategy. Users faced with your ad are extremely likely to click through again, increasing the relevancy of your ads for the keywords used to generate it.

I wouldn’t advocate learning much more off of Tony Soprano, but he made a good point in saying that space is limited, so grab it while you can!

October 3, 2014|

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