What I Learned During Work Experience at Latitude

I’m 17 and an A-level business student.

You’d probably assume that I might have some idea about digital marketing.

Marketing is a detailed topic I’ve covered at college, and I’m a part of the generation that is constantly criticised by an older generation as ‘constantly glued to our phones’ and ‘unable to live without social media’.

We spend hours Tweeting, Snapchatting, watching YouTube videos and letting the rest of the world know every detail of our lives, from the moment we wake up until minutes before we go to sleep.

On a daily basis, I am exposed to hundreds of different digital marketing strategies, and I had never even realised it!

I’d never really thought about those ‘accept cookies’ pop ups on every website I go on, which I have to click to dismiss. Just let me shop!

All I wanted to do was have a look if a certain pair of shoes were back in stock, and in my size.

They were. But it turns out they’re £50, and pay day isn’t for another two weeks, so I don’t buy them.

Except the next day, I’m scrolling through Facebook, and the shoes are right there! Staring at me, begging me to buy them.

And of course I do.

Then, I arrived at Latitude, and quickly learned that it’s all down to the cookies!

With information on my consumer habits and interests, they can market products specifically for me.

They’re the reason I never have any money! And that, I realise, is the power of digital marketing.

And over the next few days I come to understand a lot more than just why my bank account is never happy.

I learnt a lot about Pay Per Click, Display and Search Engine Optimization, and saw how brainy you have to be to analyse marketing strategies. And then put all of the data that comes with it into spreadsheets and reports!

Definitely a lot brainier than me, who failed GCSE ICT. I started to doubt a little that I could ever fill those boots.

However, after a few more induction sessions, I did start to see a more creative side to marketing that resonated with my skills a lot more.

I also study English Language and Performing Arts so I really appreciate creativity, and how people react when you present information to them in unusual and artistic ways.

In my Organic Search induction, Ed explained to me some of his plans for a creative campaign, specifically how the campaign would aim to generate interest in a brand via social media, and to improve their ranking on Google.

So, using a tool called Buzzsumo, I researched what was trending on social media within that particular field (and related areas) and assessed what made the articles engaging, from their visuals and the layout to the actual content.

These methods could then be used in the campaign strategy to gain more brand awareness.

Rob also really helped me to see the creative side of marketing, which, I realised is something I am definitely interested in.

He showed me how the agency had used Game of Thrones to gain loads of exposure for a mortgage company, using a completely original and unique idea.

Then he introduced me to a really cool campaign his team were working on for the Warrington Wolves Foundation (called #RunLikeAWolf).

The aim was to to get people involved in the English Half Marathon.

I also got to learn how his team work with other departments to present data to clients in an engaging way using graphic design.

After three really interesting days at Latitude, I’ve definitely been able to get a much better understanding of Digital Marketing as a whole, and especially the certain areas I’d be interested working in at some point in the future.

Thanks to the whole Latitude team for making me feel so welcome!


Becky is a 17yo student from Winstanley College, who joined us in the office for three days … that went far too quickly! She was a fantastic addition to the team, even in that short period of time. And we wish her all the luck in future.

September 8, 2016|

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