The World Cup – A Punter's Paradise Part II

I recently attended the iGaming Supershow in Amsterdam, with a view to educate and also learn about not only one of the most exciting industries around (egaming), but also one of the most anticipated tournaments on the planet, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. This is part two of the blog highlighting the key takeaways from the event, read the first part here.

Key Industry Updates from iGaming Supershow:

The Push for the ‘Treble Bet’

There was a large influx of bets into the market with users placing bets on all three matches running daily throughout the group stages of the World Cup. Most marketing strategies acknowledged and grasped this opportunity with tailored promotions and a push out to existing users.

treble bet example

Social Focus and Targeting

The key here is the ability to ‘instant message’ users, getting offers out instantly to the wider community through promoted offers and targeted messaging. Some of the panel suggested the jury is still out on Facebook player values, but suggested Twitter is showing significant signs of promise in their testing. The panel all agreed that social was important for ongoing retention and growth of the gaming customer base with customers become more demanding and requiring multiple touchpoints in order to engage with a brand.

My View: We are inclined to question the suggestion surrounding Facebook and Twitter and advise that they are both as important to any marketing strategy as each other. Brands do however need to ensure they understand the value of these channels before investing, as both channels should be used  for ‘acquisition’ and ‘engagement’ with each having significant effects on player acquisition, player retention and most importantly player loyalty and customer service.

Further Highlights

The panel also raised some interesting insights and thoughts based on the panelists own experiences thus far. Some of these are summarised below:

  • Bigger bets are notoriously made in the early stages (Boylesports)
  • Margins holding up due to those backing the draw in the early stages (Titanbet)
  • 25% of 1st bettors notoriously bet again so focus is making sure offer is followed up with strong retention (Titanbet)
  • Focus needed on social media messaging and the importance it will have for the new season. Also losing focus on email due to its lack of immediacy (Football Pools)
  • Focus on tailored messaging within email marketing and avoiding death by email
  • 40% of all bets are now placed via mobile (Titanbet)

Following the session, I asked a burning question surrounding engagement, “What have you done as brands to tailor your imagery in order to drive interaction during the World Cup?” The answers were as follows:

  • Focus on the rights to pictures – Boylesports almost got burnt with a Wayne Rooney image with rights changed only minutes before they were about to post.
  • Focus on country flags as Titanbet, along with many other brands, have done, thus avoiding any worry
  • Use the imagery and apologise later if they were reviewed and fell outside of guidelines – a risky option

Key Takeaways:

  1. Plan and execute early campaigns to extract higher value players.
  2. Utilise instant messaging means (social & text) in order to engage with your customers with immediacy.
  3. Don’t lose sight of retention.The hard work isn’t done at the acquisition stage and needs to continue. Titanbet highlight that only 25% of first time betters go on to bet again.
  4. Innovate with messaging. There has been lots of evidence of this throughout the tournament, including the ‘treble bet’ as mentioned above, that has engaged significantly with the World Cup punters.
  5. With the loss of England attention is already starting to focus on the new season.Coral offer
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