When it comes to marketing a business, you can achieve anything with Latitude.

From acquisition to retention, from creative to analytics, from Warrington to Dubai – there’s a Latitude service (and team of experts) here to help.

Our most successful clients work with us as a full-service agency, delivering every component of their online marketing in synch.

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Paid Media

Increase sales by putting advertisements in front of people who are most likely to buy, when they’re most likely to by, and where they are in that moment.

With our Paid Media team on your side, you can target customers across three specialist channels in Pay Per Click (PPC), Display, and Paid Social.


Beat your competitors to the market with new PPC technology that we develop in-house.

Keep moving with the industry by leveraging our close relationships with Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Reach more customers in the most cost-effective way thanks to our Six Branches of Search model that comes as standard.


Target custom audiences based on more than 2,000 online/offline data points.

Launch Display campaigns on the freshest data in the UK (never more than 90 days old).

Secure better media placements and save money on audience-building with our cost-efficient Trading Desk.


Reach your customers on their favourite social network with ads tailored to their interests.

Unify your marketing activity with timed social campaigns that echo your offline messaging.

Uncover the best ad creatives for PPC and Display, by A/B testing in a low cost social environment.

Organic Media

Your Organic Search team is here to build your brand’s online expertise, authority, and trust. And to ensure your website is there for every potential customer, at every stage of their journey (which means more conversions).

We achieve it with SEO and Content Marketing – powered by a deep understanding of your audience through our unique customer profiling ability.


Earn authority in the eyes of Google and your customers with strategic off-page activity.

Outmanoeuvre competitors with Latitude’s proven approach to longtail keyword targeting.

Take comfort knowing your website is fine-tuned for discovery in search – thanks to your dedicated SEO technicians.


Become the industry authority with content that answers the problems and desires of your customers … better than anybody else.

Funnel more users to the point of conversion with Latitude’s journey-centric approach to content marketing.

Enhance your brand image (and traffic volumes) by capturing the imagination of customers with well-timed creative projects.


Get the most from your marketing budget by eliminating the guesswork.

With Latitude, you can tap into a database of more than 46 million UK consumers, all profiled on over 2,000 data-points.

Your first party data, combined with our data universe (which no other marketing agency can access directly), powers the accuracy of your marketing. And the marketing insights we provide, enriches this data further.

It’s an ongoing cycle that helps you acquire, engage, and retain your most valuable customers.