Thanks to our strong relationships with Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, you have the edge when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

Not only do we understand how to optimise your campaign to the highest possible standard, we also make sure of it with our quality assurance test – grading your campaigns across 141 checkpoints every quarter.

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What really sets your campaign apart is our understanding your customer’s life and the moments within it – combined with our ability to deploy cutting-edge tactics within PPC.

PPC is the new black – fashion conscious PPC Marketing for Yours Clothing


Yours Clothing approached Latitude with the objective of revitalising their PPC campaign and injecting creativity into their PPC marketing. The company had ambitious plans to grow and establish themselves as a trendy, fashionable store for plus size women. The challenge for Latitude therefore was to drive new brand positioning, reach and customer acquisition, increase the number of new customers arriving on the site and increase revenue and click-through rate.

Driving International Expansion Through PPC


International expansion presented a growth opportunity for ActivInstinct in key territories across Europe: France and Germany. ActivInstinct required support from a digital marketing partner that would help them drive sales and conversion through PPC. Latitude was challenged with driving sales, ROI and bringing the cost of a sale to a profitable level, whilst growing the campaigns to ensure coverage across ActivInstinct’s full product portfolio.