Project Description

Haven Holidays

Haven is one of the largest holiday and accommodation providers in the UK. They offer family holidays in great accommodation, ranging from self-catering caravans and luxury lodges right through to apartments, tents and yurts.

Our Challenge

Haven’s objective was to build on an established, successful SEO campaign by increasing the revenue contribution of non-brand keywords. Typically at the discovery and research phase of the Haven customer journey, Latitude’s challenge was to identify new non-brand ranking and traffic opportunities, increasing the number of bookings and new Haven customers.

The Solution

The Solution Latitude’s analysis at the start of the campaign identified that the attention should be on four core keyword types; regional, seasonal, generic and park keywords. Latitude and Haven agreed on a complete on and off-site strategy for the Haven brand, which ensured quality and relevance remained an absolute priority for all activity.

Latitude devised a highly targeted campaign which targeted each opportunity independently, to ensure our off-site reference for these keyword types promoted trust, relevance and authority within the travel sector.

This off-site optimisation campaign was supported by a keyword selection process which informed our on-site optimisations. Keyword targeting was reviewed on a frequent basis to ensure the campaign was focused on driving incremental traffic and rankings compare to those delivered in the previous 12 month campaign.

“Latitude’s strategic focus on the non-brand opportunity for Haven secured a 46% increase in non-brand revenues across the past 12 months. Yet another year of fantastic performance from the natural search channel.” 

Rasila Patel // Marketing Manager ” // Haven Holidays





46% increase in non-brand revenue year-on-year

Non-brand contribution to total SEO revenue increased by 32% in 12 months