Case Study

Project Description

Latitude helped establish the Post Office Mortgages product as a big player in the mortgages marketplace through strategic PPC marketing, attracting a new, younger audience for the brand and driving conversions.


Post Office’s mortgages product is aimed at a demographic far removed from the older generation that is typically associated with the Post Office’s finance products. Mirroring the demand in the housing market at the time, the campaign was aimed at young professionals and first time buyers in London and the South East – a completely new audience for the brand.


Latitude recognised that mortgages is a product that users put a lot of time into researching online, before making a final decision. Latitude’s strategy was to therefore engage users early in the buying process through generic keywords and then aim to convert them further down the line on brand searches.


The mortgage market peaks in Q1 of the calendar year with big hitters from both aggregators and large banks dominating the search engine results pages. In such a competitive marketplace with a limited budget, it was impossible to be appearing in top positions on search results 100% of the time. However, to maximise impact, Latitude’s strategy was to reach top positions as much as possible, thereby attracting a higher proportion of traffic willing to convert, as opposed to the traffic browsing the sidebar. Ads positioned on the sidebar typically attract much less engagement due to their position on the side of the page.




Shortlisted European Search Awards 2015 – Best use of Search in Finance


211% increase in product sales in Q1

35% Year on Year increase in impression share