Project Aintree

INTRODUCTION are an online sports betting site who approached Latitude with a view to building brand awareness in a noisy industry. At Latitude, we have always been mindful of the impact of massive annual sporting events, such as the Grand National.

There is undisputed betting interest in the Grand National, so we knew it could work as the basis for a campaign that could resonate with both the seasoned and less experienced gamblers. Aligning our strategy with the Grand National meant that we could attract a large reach and subsequent links from journalists and related blogs - thus achieving our objectives.

Therefore, Latitude’s solution was to create an online betting guide based on omens, hunches and general coincidences based on data correlations from the last 47 years.


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The sheer level of research meant that we would probably need to build our own expansive database with every happening from 1960 to 2017 for reference at every stage of implementation.

The Grand National is a noisy event in terms of the amount of buzz it generates. So, creating something that would reverberate in the press and social media whilst standing out from all other pieces of content was a big challenge.

We also wanted to make the Grand National accessible to non-betters - which required a creative concept simple enough to get these people on board but sophisticated enough for experienced gamblers to enjoy too.


Firstly, we documented all the characteristics of winning Grand national horses, their jockeys, and their trainers.

We then documented pop culture events from each year.

This consisted of a variety of events - from Star Wars movie releases to the number one song in the charts that particular week.

The next step was to then build the interactive landing page to visualise all of these facts.

The thinking behind this was that the user could then interact with the various facts calculating all of these quirky correlations in order to make a grand prediction.

Bookies - Torie Stats Project Aintree
Bookies - Clare Balding Project Aintree
Bookies - Crufts Stats Project Aintree
Bookies - Minnions Project Aintree
Bookies - Wolverine Stats Aintree

The attention to detail and variety across the page was comprehensive to say the least.

The page even presented users with the opportunity to tweet out their favourite correlation, for instance.

Our in-house graphic designer also created Twitter banners. (see right)

We set up our own Twitter handle (@RandomFactsGuy) in an attempt to generate organic engagements and also implemented a paid Facebook element to the campaign.

This was executed by splitting ad targeting between different groups e.g. ads specifically designed to appeal to people interested in the Merseyside Derby or politics for instance, whilst there was even generic ads that excluded these more specific interests.

Latitude would launch the Facebook campaign on the Friday - the time when sweepstakes are being organised at work and TV exposure starts to pick up ahead of the big day.