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Comfort Insurance are an award-winning insurance provider, specialising in cover for motorhomes, caravans and campervans.

When they approached Latitude, their goals were clear. They required a strategy that would bolster their online visibility.



visits to the page
(73% above target)


social engagements
(280% above target)


highly relevant and natural backlinks
(10% above target)

Our Organic and Creative teams suggested running a series of creative campaigns as a method to build the Comfort audience online.

They identified the fact that Comfort needed an increased social media presence and several backlinks to the main site if they were to enhance brand awareness.

However, the key to the campaign was to find the right audience and target them accordingly, whilst optimising for search at every stage of the project.

After an extensive customer profiling exercise and several discussions with the Comfort team, Latitude decided on producing a virtual landing page with a timeline showing the complete history of the Volkwagon Campervan.

With an enormous manual outreach effort to over 1,000 different communities with campervan affiliations – we believed we could generate the social shares and backlinks required to achieve our objectives.



5,000 visits to the campaign landing page

500 social engagements

10 or more backlinks from relevant websites


Even at the very earliest stage of the project, we were more than
aware of the potential obstacles we were faced with.

First and foremost, insurance isn't particularly exciting to most people. The concept needed to be creative, engaging, and be able to stand the test of time.

Our research phase informed us that there was a fair amount of campervan content on the web already.

So, instantly we knew we had to come up with something distinctly original.

The challenge was to find a new angle - to create something people thought was good enough to share, and when shared, able to stand out amongst a high volume of similar content.

We also found conflicting information during the research stage, regarding dates of production and names assigned for different models over a reasonably vast era.

So, ensuring the validity and authenticity of the information was essential when releasing the content to the various promotional communities.

The most significant challenge we were faced with initially however, came in the form of what we learned during our customer profiling stage.

We took Comfort's email database and cross-referenced it against the data universe available to us through Latitude's parent company - Callcredit.

We then reviewed the customer profile against demographics in Google Analytics.

Based on this information, we concluded that Comfort's largest customer base were motorhome owners who tended to be older and less engaged with online content.

It became alarmingly clear that we had an inactive primary audience.

So, we needed to find another more niche audience to target.

An audience who would feel much more obliged to visit the page and share across social media.


The more in-depth customer profiling exercise following this informed our solution.

We subsequently identified a younger secondary audience.

This consisted of people who typically owned campervans instead of motorhomes.

This was a more engaged online audience who we could isolate, not just in terms of their demographic, but also because of the way they felt about campervans - and more specifically the VW Campervan first produced in the '60s.

There's no denying it.

People who own campervans love that timeless VW model.

So, it became clear that the content simply had to be directed at these people.

Nostalgia became the angle we would use to differentiate the content from everything else out there, as the team began researching content we could use in addition to potential online communities to approach with the content from a promotional point of view.

When we felt that this stage of the project had been adequately addressed, our in-house Graphic designer, Emma Rose went to work on the page.

Comfort Insurance Iphone Preview

"When designing the imagery for the page, I played up the nostalgia factor by giving each decade a colour scheme reminiscent of that particular decade.

For example, the colours I chose for the 1950s section was inspired by fifties fashions, old advertisements and American diners.

By contrast, I chose the colours for the 1980s based on the 'neon noir' graphic style that was often used on film posters, games and albums of the time."

Emma Rose - Senior Graphic Designer

Emma Rose
Senior Graphic Designer


As a result of an inordinate amount of research, our in-house Copywriter Matt Turner, was then able to fill the timeline with all the necessary information.

The collaboration and synergy between Latitude's Organic and Creative services throughout implementation was key in ensuring the timeline could perform as well as it looked visually, i.e. had the potential to get links back to the Comfort domain and increase rankings.

Brown Campervan

Once this stage was complete, it was time to promote the page.

When the content finally went live, firstly it needed to be pushed across Comfort's social channels in an attempt to get it shared.

As part of the research process, we compiled a list of various pages on social media - from niche communities such as VW Campervan owners' clubs to actual events, including campervan meet-ups at places like Chester Racecourse.

Spreading the word across these communities would prove to be a key factor in generating backlinks.

As expected, campervan owners and fans are incredibly passionate about this subject.

Once we put the content out there, it developed a life of its own, and became the most popular piece of content Comfort has ever hosted.

You could see it stood out amongst a whole host of other campervan-related content, due to the simple, yet effective design - which afforded time to add bonus sections on various different campervan models.

The sheer attention to detail, with subtle animations and well-written copy ensured that user's experience when visiting the page would be better than it would be when engaging with other campervan content.

Orange Campervan


This is reflected in the results...

  • 8,626 visits to the page (73% above target)
  • 1.9k social engagements (280% above target)
  • 11+ highly relevant and natural backlinks (10% above target)

The project is now Comfort's most shared content from the past 12 months. It's also by far the most engaged piece from a social standpoint.

Comfort also sold six insurance policies online directly due to the campaign, which was an amazing result - as it meant the campaign essentially paid for itself.

In addition to this, our in-depth customer profiling exercise prior to the campaign ultimately paid dividends - saving the client from spending budget on a PR campaign aimed at the completely wrong customer.

This is now being reinvested into another creative project which the client is keen to proceed with - thanks to the success of the VW Campervan campaign.

"When you first look at this project, it's easy to fall in love with the visuals and creative writing on the page.

"But I'm most proud of the depth the team went into during the customer profiling stage.

"After identifying Comfort's customer as motorhome owners, who don't tend to use the internet to share content with friends - the team isolated the campervan audience. This led us to focus on those iconic Volkswagens. From there, the level of respect the team applied to this audience, and their love for the VWs, was what ignited the success of the entire project.

"It just goes to show the power of understanding your customer for what you create - not just where you promote it."

Rob Philbin - Head of Creative

Rob Philbin
Head of Creative

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