Conservatory Land is the UK’s number one supplier of self-build conservatories.

They approached Latitude in need of a campaign to boost brand awareness, build their social profile and earn links back to the Conservatory Land website.

Conservatory Land Case Study



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Having already worked with the client for a considerable amount of time, we’d exhausted all content ideas based around conservatories.

Therefore, we needed to appeal to Conservatory Land’s audience in a different way than we had before.

We already knew that infographics generally perform well on social platforms from an engagement and sharing perspective.

As a result of this knowledge and subsequent research, we decided to create an infographic showing 22 plants you didn’t know could poison your dog.



Increase brand awareness by enhancing the brand’s social media profile

1.5K social engagements

10 backlinks


Having successfully created infographics before for other projects, we knew if done correctly, we could build Conservatory Land’s social profile on that piece of content alone.

Appealing to the correct audience would be paramount.

Most people who buy conservatories have gardens.

There is also a huge audience of people who have pets - and dogs specifically.

In the research phase, we selected plants we wanted to list in the infographic.

We then worked out how we wanted this information to be displayed - aware that we needed to keep it as clear and concise as possible.

Therefore, we structured in alphabetical order, with each one including:

  • Name (and any alternative names)
  • Danger Level (Avoid, Dangerous, Deadly)
  • Symptoms and Icons to represent each
  • Key identifiers to help the reader identify the plants in their garden

Once we had this process signed off by the client, our designer started to work on it...

Conservatory Land Iphone Preview

"Unlike other guides of a similar nature, e.g The Kennel Club guide and the RSPCA post, I wanted to design the infographic with clear visual cues that an audience could quickly digest. By looking at it, they could quickly see the danger level of the plant, the symptoms it triggers, and most importantly, what the plant looks like.

By using a consistent set of graphics, a visual vocabulary is built up for the audience, allowing them to scan down the infographic to pick out the information that they want to see. For example, the most dangerous."

Emma Rose - Senior Graphic Designer

Emma Rose
Senior Graphic Designer

Conservatory Land Preview
Printable Version

We also created a branded printable version of the infographic info to link to from the blog post.

The final step was to outreach and promote the infographic to people and brands we knew might find it valuable.

We’ve got the infographic live right before the March 2017 edition of Crufts, hoping that the buzz around the show would increase interest around the infographic.