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flynas is a leading low-cost, domestic 
airline based in Saudi Arabia.

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Like many other airlines in Saudi Arabia, flynas utilise the SADAD payment method to simplify the path to purchase and improve consumer confidence when booking a flight online.

As a government-owned entity, SADAD has been used and trusted by the local population for many years to pay bills online.

Digital channels are integral to generate sales, and adopting this form of payment is critical for flynas - especially since ecommerce is still very much in its infancy compared to Western markets.

That said, while SADAD is commonplace in Saudi Arabia,there is an innate inability to accurately measure and reattribute a completed SADAD transaction.

To complete a sale, a user will book their chosen flight on and will then have four hours to complete the transaction.

flynas SADAD prefered payment
flynas sadad

If a user doesn’t complete the transaction within that four-hour window, then the reservation is removed.

As a result, flynas have faced tracking problems across their digital proposition, driven by the challenge of attributing a complete SADAD transaction to media spend.

This had led to huge data discrepancies and difficulties in identifying the correct areas for marketing budget allocations.

For example, 90% of all bookings made through paid search campaigns were completed via the SADAD payment method, however just 35% went on to actually finalise the transaction within the four-hour time limit.

“90% of all bookings made through paid search campaigns were completed via the SADAD payment method, however just 35% went on to actually finalise the transaction within the four-hour time limit.”

Consequently, flynas had low confidence in online channels as the true value of their media spend could never be truly realised.

This resulted in low media investment and inefficient campaign optimisation in a highly competitive market. In order to help flynas increase online revenues, we recognised that a robust tracking solution was needed to integrate the offline SADAD data into the online space.


Drive confidence in online channels by providing the value of digital campaigns
with accurate ROI from SADAD payments.

Reduce time spent reporting (to one working day per week) - and reinvest hours
into campaign strategy and execution.


Phase 1: Google Analytics

A quick solution was identified through capturing the unique SADAD ID following a booking in Google Analytics.

We could use this to manually cross-reference large quantities of transactional data against a download of completed purchases from the SADAD system.

It became apparent that flynas were massively underfunding key online channels when compared against ROI. This resulted in increasing their media spend by 20x in six months.

As confidence in the online value grew, additional channels were added under Latitude’s management, including Display and Social Media.

The same methodology was adopted, however the process lacked automation. In addition to this, large quantities of data, GA errors and sampling would cause data discrepancies and would subsequently prolong the reporting time.

Reporting could therefore only be attributed down to a channel level - leaving us with inaccurate digital optimisations.

flynas SADAD Google Analytics

Phase 2: DoubleClick + Google Cloud Data Transfer

We set out to develop an automated solution that would attribute value down to the most granular level possible - utilising a combination of DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Google Data Transfer.

We reconciled the flynas DoubleClick activity tag that fired by the integration with Google’s log level DoubleClick data transfer. The data transfer integration solution operated via a bespoke streaming service to ensure only relevant and efficient data was processed.

We then integrated the data with the SADAD report to match the new and unprocessed transactions so that previously acknowledged transactions were excluded from the new process.

With flynas uploading completed SADAD transactions daily, DoubleClick would then distribute conversion credit across Paid Search campaigns, Social Media and Programmatic Display campaigns.

This created the integration/loop needed to attribute transactions and revenue correctly and efficiently through DoubleClick.

flynas SADAD Doubleclick

Phase 3: Data Visualisation

To effectively visualise this data, reconciliation was needed across multiple engines that could then be matched against DoubleClick conversion data.

To facilitate this, we created a database of all flynas activity, pulling direct from the engine and DoubleClick APIs - and then pushing that insight into Google Data Studio.

This provided the flynas team with an interactive dashboard that offered the flexibility to report effectively to different stakeholders within the business.

As a result, flynas are now ‘Always On’ across multiple digital channels and have the ability to interact with potential customers at different stages of the sales funnel, whilst attributing value correctly and seeing a clear view of their bottom line..

flynas SADAD Googel Data Studio

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