Project Description

Hilton MEA

Hilton MEA launched a local site, with the goal of increasing local language bookings.

The site was available in both Arabic and English.

The Challenge

Following an Econsultancy event in the region, Hilton came to Latitude and asked if we would be able to help them achieve the following goals:

  • Increase visits to the Arabic language website
  • To convert these visits into hotel bookings
  • Grow non-brand related traffic organically

The Solution

A full technical audit was carried out to optimise the website for key non-branded keywords and included working closely with Hilton Hotels local website development agency. Changes were made to their custom CMS to allow the Latitude team that allowed an ‘Arabic first’ approach to content and website design.

Non-brand traffic was increased through a combined content outreach and social media sharing program. Focusing on publishing fresh content about Hilton resorts in ‘key/core’ locations for Hilton. By including content focussed on the region/cities, and the activities that were available there, we were able to have our Arabic content shared across Facebook and Twitter throughout the GCC.

A cross agency approach was taken to work with both the technical web development agency and the Hilton chosen PR/Communication agency. Both aspects of the campaign had to be successful to ensure the results were delivered.





218% increase in Arabic visits YoY

Saudi Arabia accounted for 45% of all booking from Organic sources

Hotel level pages accounted for 70% of top 10 landing pages by end of year