Project Description

The Challenge

Emaar Properties, a real estate developer in the Middle East, was looking to boost its presence on social media – particularly on Twitter.

This meant raising brand awareness, so that more people were following and engaging with the Emaar Twitter account.

The current situation wasn’t bad – Emaar was very popular on social media, with thousands of followers and an active feed.

But it wanted to truly dominate the social sphere within its own niche, and needed a strategy that would accomplish that.

The Strategy

After thoroughly researching several different options, we decided that the best thing to do would be to run a Twitter Conversational Ad.

This has proven to be a great way for brands to expand their presence on social media, and we thought that, by partnering with Emaar, we could run a successful campaign.

Conservational Ads were launched by Twitter early in 2016, and allow advertisements to include call to action buttons, complete with customisable hashtags.

The ad would be in the format of a video. In the video, a man attempts to get the ‘Best View in Dubai’, by sitting on a chair attached to a bunch of balloons.

Users who saw the ad had to choose what they would do next, either #PopTheBalloons, or #FlyOffToTheMoonWhen they click a button, a Tweet will be sent out from that users Twitter account, with their chosen hashtag.

Our Objectives

After discussing the potential for a Conversational Ad campaign with Emaar, we agreed on the following objectives…

• 100k video views

• 10k engagements


We were also looking to keep the CPV (cost-per-view) and CPE (cost per engagement) relatively low, ideally below £0.20 and £0.80.


Paid Social



2 Million Impressions

30K Engagements
(+300% of target)

279k Video Views
(+179% of target)