Project Description

Gladstone Brookes

Gladstone Brookes helps consumers reclaim mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance payments from all major banks and lenders.

Our Challenge

Gladstone Brookes challenged Latitude to deliver quality leads at a low cost per acquisition (CPA).

The Solution

Mobile has been a very successful display channel for Gladstone Brookes, accounting for 30% of total leads in 2014 to date. Latitude wanted to maximise the potential of the display channel and further increase leads by introducing mobile web retargeting.

The mobile retargeting resulted in an increase in the reach of the retargeting campaign that hit an even lower CPA, making it even more cost effective for Gladstone Brookes.

The retargeting was implemented using Latitude’s Trading Desk (RTB) bidding for the most relevant users in real-time.

“Latitude have further improved on an already successful campaign, continuing to deliver quality leads with a reduced CPA “

Nathan McDonald // Digital Marketing Manager ” // Gladstone Brookes





CPA 91% lower than target

0.25% CTR

Mobile retargeting accounted for 16% of all display mobile conversions