Project Description

London & Country Mortgages

London & Country Mortgages asked Latitude to increase qualified traffic to the brand’s website through content marketing.

We set out to build a comprehensive mortgage “Guide Hub” – designed to assist more customers at various stages of the mortgage journey, remortgage journey, and buy-to-let mortgage journey.

Using our keyword research capabilities and SEO technology, we unlocked a range of topics for the Guide Hub to include (some of which competitors were either completely unaware of, or underservicing with poor content).

Then, working with the mortgage experts at London & Country, we created the most useful online resource in the mortgage sector, for each identified topic.

All guides linked to one another accordingly, streamlining the path to conversion for every customer.

We set ourselves the following targets:

  • Produce 40 different mortgage-based
    guides based on longtail keyword research
  • Generate at least 20,000 in visits through these guides (Jan-Jun)
  • Achieve an ROI of 140% (Jan-Jun)

Because the guides were created in an “evergreen” way, they continue to drive traffic to the website today. And account for 25% of monthly site traffic for the client on average.

As a result, the ROI on this project continues to increase, while we focus on new projects for the client.



Content Marketing



47 guides written to FCA guidelines, approved and uploaded to the guide hub

79,739 visits to the Guide Hub (Jan-Jun)

1,314% ROI achieved