Mapping Mortgage Data in the Press

London & Country are a mortgage broker, offering helpful advice and guides to buyers across the UK. However, as we know, making mortgages interesting isn’t easy.


How do you make a large amount of data compelling enough for a time-strapped audience to engage with?

This was the question London & Country asked after they enlisted Latitude’s design team to help bring their press release on mortgage deposits to life.

They had gathered the data for historical deposit rates for mortgages in the UK’s main cities, then predicted what the next few years would bring.

All in all, a nice human-interest story based on relevant industry insights.

Who wouldn’t want to publish a story on that?

The data itself was presented in table format and it was quite difficult to digest.

Therefore, London & Country needed help to present the data in a way that users would be able to quickly understand.

They also needed the visualization/tool to be make it embeddable on any website. This way people could link to the piece far more easily.


Our design strategist came up with a clever solution: an interactive map diagram generated by the London & Country data.

And it all began with a rough sketch...

London & Country - Mapping Mortgage Data in the Press
London & Country - Mapping Mortgage Data in the Press - Rough Sketch Mock Up

Once the map functionality and layout was roughed out, the build was started.

Testing along the way was key to make sure it was easy to use and made sense. The main advantage of the map approach was so users could simply point and click on the information they were interested in.

For example, if someone lived in Liverpool, and they wanted to know the data for that city only, they could simply click on Liverpool instead of scrolling down a table to find the data.

The interactivity of the map also helped the piece come to life. Users could click around the map - creating a fun experience out of what could be considered a dry topic.

London & Country - Mortgage Data Map
London & Country - Mapping Mortgage Data in the Press - Interactive Map


By collaborating with Latitude on the promotion of this story, London & Country were able to generate the media coverage and backlinks required to grab the nation’ s attention.

This included notable coverage in national titles - The Daily Mail and The Sun.