Project Description

Get The Label is a leading online fashion store and mail order catalogue offering significant savings on branded sportswear, leisurewear and footwear for all the family. Primarily targeted at the 16 to 24 year old men and women, the brand also attracts a slightly older audience of 35-45 parents buying for the brand conscious young teenagers in the household.

Our Challenge

Get The Label wanted to maximise the impact of their TV commercial, which was running offline, by raising awareness online.

The Solution

Latitude’s Display team suggested retargeted video banner advertising to help Get The Label reach out to those who had already engaged with the website and brand. We proposed using an existing TV commercial tactically online as video and banner formats. Latitude then used retargeted video advertising in homepage takeover format, taking advantage of the blank white space on either side of a website. In this takeover format the user would see the 30 second TV commercial on one side of the page and a standard display banner on the other.

This is a unique design format that has the high impact of a takeover but at a considerably lower cost. As it intelligently retargets users who have been to Get The Label across websites, the media spend was used more effectively.





CTR reached up to 0.33%, over five times the 0.06% industry average

Reduced cost per action by 35% for the direct response campaign which ran alongside