Project Description

Yours Clothing

Yours Clothing offer affordable plus sized clothing made specifically for curvy women.

The Challenge

Yours Clothing approached Latitude with the objective of revitalising their PPC campaign and injecting creativity into their PPC marketing. The company had ambitious plans to grow and establish themselves as a trendy, fashionable store for plus size women. The challenge for Latitude therefore was to drive new brand positioning, reach and customer acquisition, increase the number of new customers arriving on the site and increase revenue and click-through rate.

The Solution

The Yours Clothing key target audience consists of 18-30 year old females who, while being plus size, do not want to wear boring, ‘mumsy’ clothes sold by the majority of the other plus size stores. They want clothes that both follow the latest trends and flatter their figure.

Latitude recognised that visuals and imaginative wording were crucial for successful marketing in the fashion market and devised a strategy utilising all available visuals outside using the GDN (as this was run by another agency), ensuring ad text reflected the positioning of the company. The first stage of the campaign included rewriting the PPC ad text to better reflect the brand essence and appeal to the target market. Product Listing Ads allowed Latitude to display photos of the products together with the text ad, which helped position Yours Clothing as a young, trendy brand. Latitude worked with Google to set up Image Extensions Beta on PPC ads, which allowed for images taken from the Yours Clothing TV ad to show above the PPC ad text.

Latitude realised that plus size women will not always search for ‘product + size’ when searching

for clothes on Google. Generic, size unrelated keyword campaigns were used and targeted only to people who had been to the site before, using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. Dynamic Search Ads were used to further widen the reach of the campaign and was a great way of increasing traffic to the site.

Latitude effectively positioned Yours Clothing as a brand that would appeal to a young, trendy audience with a highly innovative PPC campaign and increased inbound traffic to our website when it mattered most.

Charlotte Jones // Online Marketing Manager // Yours Clothing





CTR grew from 26% to 50.16% in two months

18% year on year growth in revenue and 33% growth in December 2013

Weekly number of new customers reached its highest ever in December 2013