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AllClear Insurance is a specialist provider of travel insurance for customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

They needed Latitude’s help to create a piece of content designed to enhance brand awareness and drive qualified traffic to the AllClear website during what can typically be a quiet time of year (September-November).

Primary and Secondary Key Performance Indicators

  Primary KPI Secondary KPI
Target: 3,000 visitors 1,200 social engagements
Measured by: All Users in Google Analytics BuzzSumo “Shared” tab


We consulted with our parent company, Callcredit Information Group, and together built a Customer Profile.

We then reviewed the customer profile against demographics in Hitwise and Google Analytics.

Prior to our research, all creative thinking was geared around travel concepts. By taking the time to study the AllClear customer, the idea to focus on giving a louder voice to those with a medical condition presented itself to us as a must.

During the customer profiling exercise, we also found that 88% of social referral traffic came directly from Facebook. Therefore, we knew that the content needed to work for people who used Facebook as their preferred social platform.

The winning concept however, was inspired by two things.

Firstly, keyword research enabled us to identify dementia as a topic of interest.

The second element of inspiration came to us in a different way - fate.

Once signed off, the launch of the project would fall within World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month - an astonishing coincidence considering what we already knew regarding the potential link between dementia and the AllClear audience online.

Following the presentation of three well-informed concepts drawn from our customer profiling insights, the client opted for our Illustrated Dementia House proposal.

The concept itself involved the creation of a visual landing page on the AllClear site.

The landing page would include an animated house consisting of several different rooms.

In each individual room, the user could interact with a unique household analogy that would explain what it can be like to live with dementia.

The first step was to collaborate ideas as a team in order to form the analogies.

We also began researching relevant individuals and groups we could approach with the content - some of these included people actually living with Dementia.

This resulted in the development of an enormous promotional network of influencers.

The house itself consisted of 12 analogies in total. Including the bookshelf.

Once the page went live, the next step was to promote it.


This campaign is not just a success because of the beautiful design, or the collection of ingenious and sensitively-crafted analogies.

It’s a victory for Latitude’s approach to creative projects - from customer profiling right through to launch and promotion.

Allclear Project Bookshelf - Raising Awareness for Brand
Project Bookshelf - Raising Awareness for Brand - The Bookcase Analogy

Project Overview

  • 12,650 sessions on the campaign landing page.
    (Third highest sessions count on the website, making it the most viewed non-product page in 2017)
  • Average time on campaign landing page was 5 minutes.
  • The page accounted for 9% of total traffic.
    (exceeding the next most visited page by 194%)
  • 86% of people seeing the project were visiting AllClear for the first time.
  • The project has 6 backlinks to date.

Social Engagements

  • 2,774 Facebook engagements. (47% over target engagements)
  • 110 Twitter engagements.
  • 18 Pinterest engagements.
  • 70 LinkedIn engagements.

"The Dementia House is a powerful piece of content for so many reasons. To see it deliver the level of traffic that it did during a quiet period for the business was especially pleasing - and this is testament to Latitude’s thorough and effective profiling of the AllClear customer.

"The creativity and attention to detail exceeded our expectations, and AllClear Insurance is proud to be associated with a project of such profound importance. We’ve been genuinely moved by people’s response to the campaign on social media - and we’ll be proud to promote the page again for World Alzheimer’s Month 2018"

Garry Nelson
Group Head of Marketing, AllClear Insurance.